Going, going, gone!

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A ga­rage sale and auc­tion to be­ne­fit the No­va nurses brought in $6,150 last wee­kend.

The first-of-its-kind event that was the brain­child of re­now­ned Hud­son auc­tio­neer Mi­chael La­wrence - and held at his Hud­son home - com­bi­ned his auc­tion skills with the uns­top­pable force of No­va’s vo­lun­teers.

At the end of the Sa­tur­day sale, all un­sold items were auc­tio­ned off in one lot.

The on­ly ca­veat, that the goods be clea­red out the next day.

Vo­lun­teer Ja­net El­ler­beck said while most ga­rage sale items were sold du­ring the mor­ning sale, one per­son did bid on about 10 boxes full of goods du­ring the auc­tion.

The lu­cky re­ci­pient in­tends to hold her own cha­ri­ty ga­rage sale la­ter this sum­mer, so the un­sold trea­sures will again be put to good use.

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