Wa­ter ban has re­si­dents stea­ming

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A conti­nued and com­plete ban on all out­door wa­te­ring in Saint-La­zare has cau­sed ma­ny ho­meow­ners to boil over with frus­tra­tion.

But there is no im­me­diate re­lief in sight for about 75-percent of the town’s po­pu­la­tion, des­pite scor­ching sum­mer-like tem­pe­ra­tures and the start of the out­door gar­de­ning sea­son.

"People are cal­ling the staff and they are ve­ry mad" said com­mu­ni­ca­tions di­rec­tor Ge­ne­viève Ha­mel on Tues­day mor­ning, ad­ding some re­si­dents have threa­te­ned to wi­th­hold pay­ment on their tax bills if out­door wa­te­ring pri­vi­leges are not res­to­red.

Ho­we­ver the ban will re­main for at least th­ree more weeks if not lon­ger, Ha­mel ex­plai­ned. Ha­mel says the town will go to ten­der this week to have the bro­ken well re­built, while Saint-La­zare is still wai­ting for mi­nis­try ap­pro­val to be­gin using a well that has been built and ready to go for­more than a year.

"We're put­ting pres­sure (on the go­vern­ment) to get ap­pro­val to turn on the new pump," she ex­plai­ned, ad­ding once ap­pro­val is ob­tai­ned it will take 14 days un­til the­well is ful­ly func­tio­ning.

Meanw­hile other pumps are put­ting out the maxi­mum amount of wa­ter al­lo­wed ac­cor­ding to mi­nis­try re­gu­la­tions.

Last week the town for­bade all out­door wa­te­ring for re­si­dents who re­ly on mu­ni­ci­pal wa­ter af­ter one of its wells had to be shut down at the Sainte-Angélique pum­ping sta­tion.

Though the pum­ping sta­tion in­cludes use of se­ven wa­ter wells, the loss of one, well #3, adds up to a 20-percent re­duc­tion in the amount of raw wa­ter that can be pum­ped, trea­ted and tur­ned in­to drin­king wa­ter. Ha­mel says while such a loss would not be as cru­cial in win­ter, du­ring war­mer months it could mean there would not be en­ough drin­king wa­ter if people don't com­ply with the ban.

" Du­ring sum­mer, people are filling pools, wa­te­ring lawns and gardens and it's ex­tre­me­ly de­man­ding (on the wa­ter sup­ply.)" The ban, for all homes ex­cept those in the Sadd­le­brook hou­sing de­ve­lop­ment which is on a dif­ferent wa­ter net­work, in­cludes wa­te­ring new­ly ins­tal­led sod, or grass seeds, gardens, flo­wers, si­de­walks and dri­ve­ways, or filling swim­ming pools. So far just a hand­ful of war­ning ti­ckets have been is­sued to re­si­dents who were using wa­ter out­doors.

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