Wa­ter ban doesn’t de­ter tree en­thu­siasts

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Crowds that were not put-off by a to­tal ban on all out­door wa­te­ring li­ned up in Saint-La­zare last Sa­tur­day mor­ning when the town gave away 1,000 free trees du­ring its an­nual Ar­bour Day event.

And as re­si­dents pi­cked up red ash, red oak, white spruce, black wal­nut or Ma­ni­to­ba maple trees, ma­ny lear­ned res­tric­tions are ex­pec­ted to soon ease since the town was gran­ted ap­pro­val last Fri­day from the en­vi­ron­ment mi­nis­ter to be­gin using a new well at its Sainte-An­ge­lique pum­ping sta­tion.

All out­door wa­te­ring was res­tric­ted for about 70-percent of the po­pu­la­tion af­ter a key pump went down at the pum­ping sta­tion.

Though ap­pro­val to use the new pump was gran­ted, it is not ex­pec­ted to be ful­ly func­tio­nal for ano­ther 10 to 14 days.

The town’s coun­cil is ex­pec­ted to ease out­door wa­te­ring res­tric­tions this week to al­low the use of wa­te­ring cans. Use of hoses or sprink­lers will still be ban­ned.

Meanw­hile, out­door wa­te­ring is al­so for­bid­den in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, Vau­dreuil­sur-le-Lac, Pin­court, Notre-Dame-de-l’ÎlePer­rot and Ter­rasse-Vau­dreuil, where wa­ter le­vels are too low to al­low un­ne­ces­sa­ry wa­te­ring.

Saint-La­zare re­si­dents Chris Bow­man and Ka­ren Berg­winkl hap­pi­ly ac­cep­ted some tree sa­plings fromG­re­go­ry Rand du­ring Saint-La­zare’s Ar­bour Day.

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