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Rigaud could have a new form of pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion next month while Saint-La­zare re­si­dents will fol­low a short time la­ter.

Be­gin­ning as ear­ly as Ju­ly 2 in Rigaud and the end of Sep­tem­ber in Saint-La­zare, both towns’ re­si­dents will be able to con­nect to the Vau­dreuil-Do­rion train sta­tion and beyond through a pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion bus.

Last week, mayor Pierre Ka­ry an­noun­ced an agree­ment that had been rea­ched bet­ween Saint-La­zare and the Conseil in­ter­mu­ni­ci­pal de trans­port La Pres­qu’Île, CIT La Pres­qu’Île.

Ka­ry ad­ded the ser­vice should be up and run­ning in time for a new school year, while Rigaud, which is still ne­go­tia­ting with the agen­cy, could have ser­vice by ear­ly Ju­ly.

In Rigaud’s case, the ti­ming is im­por­tant as the town is sche­du­led to lose its on­ce­dai­ly train ser­vice on June 30.

Cur­rent­ly, pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion is of­fe­red by dis­tinc­tive CIT La Pres­qu’Île white mi­ni-buses in towns in­clu­ding Vau­dreuilDo­rion, Hud­son, L’Île-Per­rot, Notre-Da­mede-l’Île-Per­rot and Pin­court. Each bus can carry up to 29 pas­sen­gers. Saint-La­zare re­si­dents should be able to get bus ser­vice at one of six an­ti­ci­pa­ted routes throu­ghout the town. Though no routes have yet been map­ped out, it’s ex­pec­ted that buses will run along most ma­jor ar­te­ries. Ac­cor­ding to Ka­ry, busses will take com­mu­ters to the Vau­dreuilDo­rion train sta­tion six times each mor­ning, re­tur­ning to Saint-La­zare the same num­ber of times each af­ter­noon.

From the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion, com­mu­ters can take trains in­toMon­treal or use ad­di­tio­nal pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion buses to tra­vel to places like John Ab­bott Col­lege or col­lège deVal­ley­field.

They can al­so con­nect to an ex­press bus that goes di­rect­ly to the Côte-Ver­tu Me­tro sta­tion that in turn links com­mu­ters to the en­tire Montreal pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion me­tro and bus net­work.

Costs not yet de­ter­mi­ned

But the price of a ti­cket has not yet been de­ci­ded, ac­cor­ding to CIT La Pres­qu’Île, which says Rigaud and Saint-La­zare re­si­dents­may pay a lit­tle­more per ride than in other towns due to their out­lying lo­ca­tions. The cost, ho­we­ver, should be com­pa­rable to what Hud­son re­si­dents pay: $3.25 per ti­cket or $81 for amonth­ly pass.

Ka­ry says routes and fre­quen­cy of buses could change ac­cor­ding to demand once the ser­vice starts.

Dis­tinc­tive white CIT La Pres­qu’Île mi­ni-buses will soon roll through Rigaud and Saint-La­zare.

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