Train pe­ti­tion urges im­pro­ve­ment

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Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes com­mu­ters were given the chance yes­ter­day mor­ning to si­gn a pe­ti­tion see­king train and pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion im­pro­ve­ments in the region, as well as forWest Is­land com­mu­ters.

Though some lo­cal mayors did not make an ear­ly mor­ning pe­ti­tion si­gning cam­pai­gn as ex­pec­ted, mem­bers of the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes Lo­cal De­ve­lop­ment Centre were on hand ear­ly Tues­day mor­ning as­king re­si­dents to sup­port a grass­roots mo­ve­ment pres­su­ring the Que­bec go­vern­ment to im­prove com­mu­ter rail ser­vice in both re­gions.

The group Train de l'Ouest wants the go­vern­ment to sup­port rail ser­vice im­pro­ve­ments for as ma­ny people as pos­sible, ra­ther than sup­port an air­port shut­tle they say would serve fe­wer.

The group op­poses the crea­tion of a $600 mil­lion de­di­ca­ted rail link sup­por­ted by Aé­ro­ports de Mon­tréal (ADM.) Train de l'Ouest contends the shut­tle would ser­vice a small num­ber of bu­si­ness tra­ve­lers and air­port em­ployees.

Since the go­vern­ment has pro­mi­sed $200 mil­lion in fun­ding for the pro­ject, the group feels there is a bet­ter way to spend pu­blic funds.

Train de l'Ouest says the most fea­sible so­lu­tion to gro­wing conges­tion on Montreal area roads is to im­prove rail ser­vice in both di­rec­tions on theMon­trealVau­dreuil line. The pro­po­sed pro­ject would see new tracks built from the Lu­cien L'Al­lier sta­tion to Sainte-Anne-deBel­le­vue. Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes re­si­dents could ea­si­ly link from a cen­tra­li­zed trans­fer point, say sup­por­ters, who note the rail cor­ri­dor has space for new lines. "The pro­ject is fea­sible, and com­pa­red to the La­val me­tro pro­ject, af­for­dable," says for­merMNAC­lif­ford Lin­coln.

"We are ur­ging the go­vern­ment of Que­bec to im­prove com­mu­ter rail ser­vice to the re­si­dents of the West Is­land and Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes," no­ted Lin­coln, ad­ding, "Our lo­cal MNA's, Geoffrey Kel­ley and Yvon Mar­coux have hel­ped us set up an elec­tro­nic pe­ti­tion on the Na­tio­nal As­sem­bly web­site and we are in­vi­ting all those li­ving in the West Is­land and Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes, to si­gn it."

Those unable to si­gn the pe­ti­tion in per­son can si­gn the elec­tro­nic ver­sion by going to the group's web­site: www.train­de­ which of­fers a di­rect link.

In or­der for each si­gna­ture to be va­lid, ho­we­ver, those si­gning must re­ceive and re­spond to a confir­ma­tion email va­li­da­ting their si­gna­ture.


Com­mu­ters were ur­ged to si­gn a pe­ti­tion yes­ter­day mor­ning ur­ging the go­vern­ment to sup­port a pro­ject that would see train ser­vice im­prove in the region.

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