St. La­zare rolls out rain bar­rels

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bar­rels va­lued at $87 for just $15 thanks to an IGA gro­ce­ry store en­vi­ron­men­tal grant brought to the town's at­ten­tion by coun­cil mem­ber Gil­bert Ar­se­nault.

Mi­chel Poi­tras, from IGA Poi­rier in St. La­zare and Hud­son, said funds came from the sale of plas­tic gro­ce­ry bags.

The town has a wai­ting list for those wan­ting to buy ad­di­tio­nal sub­si­di­zed bar­rels, though Ka­ry said there are no plans at present to pur­chase more bar­rels. "We will buy more if we get more fun­ding, that's for sure," he said, ad­ding ma­ny lo­cal hard­ware stores al­so sell rain bar­rels.


St. La­za­reMayor Pierre Ka­ry (left) and Mi­chel Poi­tras, from IGA Poi­rier, hope 200 rain bar­rels given out last week will help ease de­pen­dence on drin­king wa­ter.

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