Ab­bott open house draws re­cord num­bers

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As ma­ny as 2,500 fa­mi­lies vi­si­ted John Ab­bott Col­lege last Sa­tur­day du­ring the first of two open houses being held this aca­de­mic year.

JAC com­mu­ni­ca­tions di­rec­tor Deb­bie Cribb said the vi­sit top­ped last year’s num­ber by at least 500 fa­mi­lies.

“We count how ma­ny fa­mi­lies come ra­ther than in­di­vi­dual people and we gave out at least 2,500 vi­si­tor bags this year,” Cribb said, ad­ding other En­glish CEGEPS are al­so re­por­ting strong tur­nouts for their open houses.

“We keep in close contact.... We know Va­nier’s open house was al­so real­ly bu­sy (a week ago.)”

Cribb says most CEGEPs are bracing for ano­ther re­cord year in terms of ad­mis­sion ap­pli­ca­tions and feels fa­mi­lies are real­ly plan­ning ahead.

“We’re in one of those years where there are a lot of kids who will ap­ply so people pro­ba­bly want to get a good idea of which school will work for them,” she no­ted.

John Ab­bott will host ano­ther open house sometime in Fe­brua­ry.

Meanw­hile, JACs an­nual Loo­nie Line fun­drai­ser, which was held on Oc­to­ber 21, rai­sed $13,072.

The mo­ney col­lec­ted will go to the JAC Student Emer­gen­cy Fund that, among other things, aids low in­come stu­dents who may fall on hard times or those in dan­ger or ha­ving to drop out of school due to a lack of mo­ney.

The fund al­so helps stock the school’s student food bank shelves.

The next Student Emer­gen­cy Fund event open to the pu­blic will be an All You Can Eat break­fast being held No­vem­ber 24 in the Ste­wart Hall ca­fe­te­ria. For ti­ckets or in­for­ma­tion, call 514 457-6610.

Pros­pec­tive stu­dents and their pa­rents des­cen­ded in re­cord num­bers on John Ab­bott Col­lege last Sa­tur­day.

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