Po­lice seek 'known' sus­pect in Hud­son shoo­ting

Hal­lo­ween par­ty gone wrong

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Sûreté du Québec po­lice are loo­king for an 18-year-old sus­pect in con­nec­tion with the shoo­ting last wee­kend of th­ree young men who were at­ten­ding a Hal­lo­ween par­ty in Hud­son. A se­cond man po­lice be­lieve to be the gun­man's ac­com­plice is al­so being sought.

It was a par­ty gone ter­ri­bly wrong, said Jen­ni­fer Ro­ber­ton, who­hos­ted the Hal­lo­ween par­ty that was al­so a ce­le­bra­tion of her son Ch­ris­to­pher's 18th bir­th­day.

Mon­day mor­ning, a sha­ken and fa­ti­gued Ro­ber­ton, mo­ther of six chil­dren aged 15-months to 22-years, held back tearsw­hen in­di­ca­ting the place on her kit­chen floor where th­ree of her son's friends lay blee­ding af­ter they had been shot around 1 a.m. Sunday mor­ning.

Rem­nants of a cho­co­late bir­th­day cake and Hal­lo­ween the­med do­nuts still sat on the kit­chen coun­ter.

Wit­nesses say a mas­ked man and an ac­com­plice wal­ked up to a group of about 50 cos­tu­med re­vel­lers, who had congre­ga­ted out­side of the house near the at­ta­ched ga­rage, fi­ring a single shot from a hand­gun be­fore fleein­gon­foot.

The par­ty had been ta­king place at Ro­ber­ton's home lo­ca­ted at the end of Daoust Street in Hud­son, a dead-end sur­roun­ded by woods.

Ac­cor­ding to po­lice, th­ree men, one 17-year-old and two 21-year-olds, were shot with a single bul­letw­hich had been fired from the gun.

SQ spo­kes­man Ro­nald McIn­nis said the bul­let split, or frag­men­ted, af­ter hit­ting the first vic­tim.

One young man was shot in the mouth while the se­cond was woun­ded when a por­tion of the bul­let gra­zed his eye­brow.

The third vic­tim was shot in the back of the head.

As of Mon­day, two vic­tims had been re­lea­sed from hos­pi­tal while one of the 21-years olds was being trea­ted for his wounds.

Po­lice, who say the th­ree vic­tims are from Saint-La­zare, Hud­son and Ver­dun, said none of­them­were co­ope­ra­ting with in­ves­ti­ga­tors.

"It's not usual for that to hap­pen, when people get shot they usual­ly want to see the per­son(who­did it) caught," said McIn­nis.


Though their sto­ries dif­fer, po­lice and Ro­ber­ton agree she had been war­ned against hos­ting the par­ty.

Ac­cor­ding to McIn­nis, po­lice vi­si­ted Ro­ber­ton's home last Fri­day, a day be­fore the plan­ned event, as­king her to can­cel in light of death threats they knew had made against one of her sons.

"A lot of wit­nesses told us (he was war­ned) if he did the par­ty so­me­bo­dy­would kill him," McIn­nis said. "Two po­lice of­fi­cers went to the house and as­ked the mo­ther not to do the par­ty be­cause it was too dan­ge­rous," he ad­ded.

Ro­ber­ton main­tains ho­we­ver that it was her who contac­ted po­lice about the threats and that at least one SQ of­fi­cer told her he felt it was okay to go ahead with the par­ty. Due to the pos­sible threat, po­lice did "beef up" pa­trols aroundthe hou­se­du­ring the event.

Ro­ber­ton says of­fi­cers came by a few times ear­ly in the eve­ning. She said po­lice last vi­si­ted the­ho­mea­round11:30 p.m.

"They told us eve­ry­thing was un­der control," she no­ted, ad­ding she was constant­ly in and out of the house to­che­ckon­things.

Po­lice say they re­cei­ved a com­plaint from neigh­bours around mid­night about ge­ne­ral par­ty noise.

The shoo­ting took place an hour la­ter as most of the par­ty­goers, who ran­ged from 17 to 21 years-old, were ga­the­red in the home's ga­rage or ba­ckyard.

"My son came in the house as white as a ghost," Ro­ber­ton re­cal­led. "He kept saying he nee­ded a phone, that so­meone had been shot. He couldn't hear me be­cause he had been right near the peo­plew­hen­the­gunwent off."

Wit­nesses told po­lice a young man at the par­ty cha­sed the sus­pects on foot but re­trea­ted when the gun­men threa­te­ned to shoo­thim­too.


Ac­cor­ding to McIn­nis, po­lice are see­king an 18-year-old male they say isk­nown­to­them.

"We know who the sus­pect is but it's going to be tough to find him and he's dan­ge­rous... wek­nowhe's used a fi­rearm."

For her part, Ro­ber­ton, who does not drive andw­ho walks to her job as an event plan­ner at the near­by Hud­son Com­mu­ni­ty Centre, says she­will not feel safe un­til the gun­man is ar­res­ted.

She says des­pite ru­mours to the con­tra­ry, her chil­dren­don't nor­mal­ly give wild par­ties.

"We had one par­ty two years ago that got a lit­tle out of control but this was no­thing like that... it was a nor­mal Hal­lo­ween par­ty... it was my son's bir­th­day par­ty, it wasn't sup­po­sed to be like that."

Th­ree young men were shot while stan­ding near a back wall at a house on rue Daoust in Hud­son last Sa­tur­day.

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