400-plus En­glish school kids shuf­fled with off-is­land re­zo­ning

St. Pa­trick stu­dents most af­fec­ted by Pear­son change

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Close to 500 Les­ter B. Pear­son ele­men­ta­ry school chil­dren, most from the of­fis­land region, will be shif­ted to new schools next year as a re­sult of a re­zo­ning plan the board's coun­cil of com­mis­sio­ners ap­pro­ved Mon­day night.

Com­mis­sio­ners adop­ted se­ve­ral re­so­lu­tions du­ring a leng­thy mee­ting at their head of­fice in Dor­val that conclu­ded an 18-month Ma­jor School Change pro­cess dea­ling with the re­zo­ning of the board's off-is­land ter­ri­to­ry.

The pro­cess al­so in­clu­ded Ch­rist­mas Park ele­men­ta­ry in Bea­cons­field and Dor­set ele­men­ta­ry in Baie-d'Ur­fé.

Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes ele­men­ta­ry schools with new zones in­clude: Ed­ge­wa­ter and St. Pa­trick in Pin­court, Ever­green, Fo­rest Hill Jr. and Sr. schools in Saint-La­zare, as well as a new school cur­rent­ly un­der construc­tion in Saint-La­zare, Mount Plea­sant in Hud­son, Pierre-El­liott-Tru­deau (PETES) in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, and Sou­langes school in Saint-Té­les­phore.

Mar­cus Ta­bach­nick, board chair­man, confir­med yes­ter­day mor­ning that 435 Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes ele­men­ta­ry kids, and some from Ch­rist­mas Park and Dor­set, will be mo­ved to dif­ferent schools next year as a re­sult of the new school zones.

"There is fi­nal­ly some re­lief for chro­ni­cal­ly over­crow­ded schools now," he said, ad­ding the board is sen­si­tive to how hard it is to move stu­dents.

"This is ne­ver ea­sy but it has been our experience that kids ad­just well and make new friends al­most im­me­dia­te­ly (at a new school)," he said.

The board sent let­ters home yes­ter­day to all fa­mi­lies af­fec­ted by the change.

By the num­bers

St. Pa­trick ele­men­ta­ry school in Pin­court will be most af­fec­ted by the zo­ning change.

Twen­ty-two St. Pa­trick stu­dents will be bus­sed over the bridge to Ch­rist­mas Park in Bea­cons­field next year, while ano­ther 29 St. Pat's kids will at­tend Dor­set in Baied'Ur­fé. Six­teen others will be mo­ved to Ever­green in Saint-La­zare.

"St. Pat's com­mu­ni­ty is being sent to the grea­test num­ber of schools," Ta­bach­nick confir­med, ad­ding, "It does split up friends but it's an ad­just­ment."

Meanw­hile, Ed­ge­wa­ter ele­men­ta­ry will wel­come two PETES stu­dents and lose 16 of its cur­rent stu­dents to PETES. Six ad­di­tio­nal Ed­ge­wa­ter kids will be zo­ned to at­tend the new school in Saint-La­zare.

Fo­rest Hill Jr. will ac­cept two Mount Plea­sant stu­dents, while 22 cur­rent Fo­rest Hill Jr. kids will be mo­ved to Mount Plea­sant. Fif­ty-two other Fo­rest Hill Jr. stu­dents will be mo­ved to the new school along with 137 stu­dents from PETES.

Ano­ther 43 PETES kids will al­so be mo­ved to Mount Plea­sant, al­lo­wing the school to be un­der ca­pa­ci­ty for the first time in se­ve­ral years.

"We will fi­nal­ly be able to re­move the por­tables (in Ju­ly, 2011) at PETES," Ta­bach­nick said.

Six­ty-six stu­dents from Fo­rest Hill Sr. will at­tend the new school next year, while ano­ther 68 will be re-zo­ned to Mount Plea­sant.

In ad­di­tion to those men­tio­ned, a hand­ful of cur­rent Mount Plea­sant stu­dents will be re­lo­ca­ted to the new school or Fo­rest Hill Jr.

New re­gis­tra­tion

The board says it will have se­ve­ral tools on its web­site to help pa­rents un­ders­tand the new zones.

Such in­for­ma­tion is cru­cial for those par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the re­gis­tra­tion pro­cess which will get un­der­way on Ja­nua­ry 25 and run through Fe­brua­ry 14.

By the end of this week, the board's School Fin­der 2011-2012 pro­gram will al­so be up and run­ning. The pro­gram lets people know which school they're zo­ned for once a ci­vic ad­dress is en­te­red.

In ad­di­tion, Ma­jor School Change do­cu­ments for the re­zo­ning were pos­ted yes­ter­day on the board's web­site.

The re­zo­ning pro­cess was hal­ted while the search for land to house a new En­glish ele­men­ta­ry school was un­der­way.

It be­gan again once Saint-La­zare of­fe­red space.

Construc­tion be­gan ear­ly last month on the school, which will be lo­ca­ted at the cor­ner of Jo­li­coeur and du Bos­quet streets in Saint-La­zare.

The new school is ex­pec­ted to open in time for the 2011-2012 school year.

The board al­so pas­sed a re­so­lu­tion Mon­day iden­ti­fying the need for ano­ther En­glish ele­men­ta­ry school in the region. That pro­cess is ex­pec­ted to take four years to com­plete.

To ac­cess all ma­jor school change do­cu­ment, in­clu­ding a list of new at­ten­dance zones, go to www.lbpsb.qc.ca. The School Fin­der 2011-2012 pro­gram will be avai­lable at the end of the week.

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