Saint-La­zare has most young people in Que­bec

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Jay Z's song Fo­re­ver Young could be the new an­them for those li­ving in Saint-La­zare.

Sta­tis­tics Ca­na­da re­cent­ly re­lea­sed re­sults sho­wing the off-is­land town as one of two Que­bec mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties boas­ting the hi­ghest per­cen­tage of people un­der the age of 20.

The go­vern­ment agency's re­sults are from a sur­vey done on Ju­ly 1, 2010.

In this sur­vey, Saint-La­zare and Blain­ville were iden­ti­fied as towns in Que­bec with the hi­ghest per­cen­tage of young people, with each town re­gis­te­ring 31-percent of its population youn­ger than 20 years.

By con­trast, just 15-percent of SaintSau­veur's population was un­der the age of 20, while in the rest of Que­bec, an ave­rage 22-percent of the population was un­der the age of 20.

Saint-La­zare mayor Pierre Ka­ry said while he was not sur­pri­sed by the news, it is a re­min­der that the town needs to step up to the plate when of­fe­ring ser­vices to its youth.

"We need to have the in­fra­struc­ture in place to deal with this de­mo­gra­phy," Ka­ry said, ad­ding, "If we fail to re­spond to the needs of our young people then we will face a big­ger pro­blem, and that's ju­ve­nile de­lin­quen­cy and that will be much more ex­pen­sive than pro­vi­ding ser­vices."

Ka­ry said the current construc­tion of a new En­glish ele­men­ta­ry school in SaintLa­zare is just one example of an on­going need. The school was contes­ted last year by people li­ving in the area where it is being built.

Meanw­hile, the Sta­tis­tics Ca­na­da re­sults in­clu­ded those on the other end of the spec­trum.

People 65-years and ol­der coun­ted for 15-percent of Que­bec's population, according to the sur­vey, while the lar­gest num­ber of re­ti­re­ment age people - 28-percent - li­ved in Côte-Saint-Luc.

Twen­ty-six percent ofMon­tréal's population was of re­ti­re­ment age, as were those li­ving in Mon­té­ré­gie and Saint-Sau­veur.

At 48.8 years-old, people li­ving in SaintSau­veur had the hi­ghest ave­rage age, while those li­ving in Saint-Amable were 33.8 years-old on ave­rage. Up a bit from­that was Sainte-Ca­the­rine-de-la-Jacques-Car­tier, with an ave­rage age of 34-years and Cant­ley, whose population was an ave­rage 34.5 years of age.

The ave­rage age in Que­bec was 40.7 years.

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