Health chal­lenge can make a dif­fe­rence

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It's a chal­lenge that can have las­ting re­sults. And all for the better, say or­ga­ni­zers of the se­venth an­nual 5/30 Health andWell­ness Chal­lenge, which got un­der­way this week.

For a six-week per­iod, fromMarch 1 toA­pril 11, Que­be­cers - in­di­vi­duals, fa­mi­lie­sor teams - are being chal­len­ged to re­gis­ter with an on­line web­site of­fe­ring gui­dan­ceand­sup­port.

The chal­lenge for­mu­la is simple, says cam­pai­gn spo­kes­wo­man Ma­rie-Claude Sa­vard.

Par­ti­ci­pants com­mit to rea­ching a se­ries of goals du­ring a six week per­iod in­clu­ding: ea­ting at least five ser­vings of fruit and ve­ge­tables a mi­ni­mum of five days a week; moving at least 30 mi­nutes a mi­ni­mum of five days a week; im­pro­ving their well­ness by se­lec­ting one of the fol­lo­wing goals: hel­ping them­selves sleep better, ha­ving some time for them­selves, or as­si­gning prio­ri­ty to prio­ri­ties.

Sa­vard says while people may want to im­prove their ove­rall fit­ness, ma­ny of­ten don't know how.

"The Health Chal­lenge is just that lit­tle nudge that will help us take concrete ac­tion to eat better, be more ac­tive and take better care of our­selves," she said.

According to the group, 73-percent of young Que­be­cers don't reach the re­com­men­ded 60 mi­nutes of dai­ly phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty, and more than half don't eat at least five ser­vings of fruits and ve­ge­tables a day. "Those ha­bits are harm­ful and risk com­pro­mi­sing their health and their well­being," stresses Dr. Mar­tin Ju­neau, copresident of AC­TI-ME­NU, the or­ga­ni­za­tion be­hind the 5/30 Health and Well­ness Chal­lenge, and mem­ber of the board of Fon­da­tion EPIC.

In ad­di­tion to free on-line sup­port, re­gis­te­red par­ti­ci­pants can get an IGA Kit and mo­ti­va­tio­nal emails. There are al­so prizes worth­more than $20,000.

To re­gis­ter for the free 5/30 Health and Well­ness Chal­lenge, go to: 530Heal­thAndWell­nessC­hal­

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