The CEGEP wai­ting game begins

Col­leges pro­ces­sing round-one ap­pli­ca­tions

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It's a game no one likes to play, es­pe­cial­ly when vic­to­ry seems to shift a bit each year. But with the March 1 CEGEP ap­pli­ca­tion dead­line ha­ving come and gone, thou­sands of Que­bec stu­dents must now wait to see if they'll get in­to their school of choice on the first of a th­ree round ap­pli­ca­tion pro­cess.

John Ab­bott Col­lege, one of four pu­blic En­glish CEGEPs in Que­bec, has re­cei­ved 4,119 ap­pli­ca­tions for fall 2011 ad­mis­sion, JAC Di­rec­tor Ge­ne­ral Gi­nette Shee­hy said Mon­day.

And while she could not in­di­cate how ma­ny of new stu­dents would be ad­mit­ted to the Sainte-Anne-de-Bel­le­vue col­lege next fall, she did say ap­pli­ca­tion re­quests are in­crea­sing each year.

"Last year 3,992 new stu­dents ap­plied and 2,446 were ad­mit­ted."

By con­trast 2,366 of 3,669 ap­pli­cants were ad­mit­ted to John Ab­bott in 2009.

Shee­hy said two of the school's most po­pu­lar pro­grams are sciences and so­cial sciences.

It is still too ear­ly to de­ter­mine if Que­bec's edu­ca­tion mi­nis­try will step in again to ease any over­crow­ding.

"Last year (the mi­nis­ter of edu­ca­tion) came to us and told us we had to do so­me­thing to ac­cept more stu­dents," Shee­hy said.

The mi­nis­try gave the green light for John Ab­bott to ex­ceed its de­vis (ca­pa­ci­ty) of 5,600 stu­dents.

The school went over by 50 stu­dents.

Mi­nis­try of­fi­cials al­so pro­mi­sed to help John Ab­bott co­ver costs they in­cur­red ren­ting th­ree class­rooms at Macdo­nald High School, whose pro­per­ty is ad­ja­cent to the col­lege.

There was al­so a pro­mise of fi­nan­cial help for each ex­tra student.

Shee­hy said the fun­ding has yet to come through.

"We're ho­ping they will stick to what they said but we have to wait and see."

Ap­pli­ca­tion pro­cess

According to Kim Rous­seau, JAC in­ter­im dean of aca­de­mic sys­tems in re­gis­trar's of­fice, stu­dents will learn if they've been ac­cep­ted on the first round through the Ser­vice ré­gio­nal d'ad­mis­sion du Montréal mé­tro­po­li­tain, SRAM, sys­tem.

The ans­wers will be avai­lable on-line as of April 5.

SRAM al­so mails all ac­cep­tance and re­fu­sal let­ters.

Rous­seau said the school could start mai­ling ini­tial ac­cep­tance let­ters by as ear­ly as March 25.

"When we have our ac­cep­tance pack- ages rea­dy, we mail them out," she said, ad­ding, the school ne­ver in­forms people over the phone if they've been ac­cep­ted.

But that doesn't stop some from­trying to find out.

"It's been quiet so far be­cause of spring break last week, but we al­ways get a lot of phone calls once the ap­pli­ca­tion dead­lines pass," she said.

Round two

Those stu­dents who do not get the ans­wer they're ho­ping for the first time around should not give up, stres­sed Shee­hy.

"If it's not on the first round, it might be the se­cond or the third, but keep trying. If the marks are there, there should be a place (in a CEGEP) for eve­ry student."

She said at mi­ni­mum stu­dents should have all se­con­da­ry five lea­ving re­qui­re­ments.

The dead­line to ap­ply for the se­cond round of ad­mis­sion is April 18.

John Ab­bott is one of 14 schools using the SRAM, sys­tem.

Foun­ded in 1973, the sys­tem sim­pli­fied the pro­blem of mul­tiple ap­pli­ca­tions for ad­mis­sion.

Stu­dents ap­plying to CEGEP on the SRAM sys­tem can on­ly ap­ply to one school at a time.

Other SRAM members include Col­lège de Val­ley­field, Va­nier Col­lege, Macdo­nald Col­lege andCol­lè­geGé­rald-Go­din, amon­go­thers.


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