Spee­ding fines in construc­tion zones dou­bled as of to­mor­row

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Sû­re­té du Qué­bec po­lice have is­sued war­nings against it, and­nowthe pro­vince says it too will crack down on those who speed­through­cons­truc­tion zones.

As of to­mor­row, March 10, spee­ding fines will be dou­bled when is­sued to mo­to­rists who ex­ceed speed li­mits through road construc­tion sites.

Last month, SQ po­lice in­crea­sed their pre­sence along high­ways 540 and 20, where construc­tion on the new high­way 30 is ta­king place, since mo­to­rists were not res­pec­ting the pos­ted 70 km/hr li­mit nor­mal­ly used in construc­tion zones.

Tran­sportsMi­nis­ter Sam Ha­mad re­cent­ly an­noun­ced that the Que­bec High­way Code had been chan­ged and that fines will double for those caught spee­ding in construc­tion zones.

The fine for sur­pas­sing a 70 km/hr construc­tion zone speed li­mit by 20 km/hr will be $110, while going 100 km/hr in the same zone will cost dri­vers $210.

Those dri­ving 115 km/hr will pay a $390 fine.

The move comes af­ter Ha­mad an­noun­ced more than $3.9 mil­lion in road works for the 2011-2012 sea­son.

More than 53,600 wor­kers will share the road with mo­to­rists. The in­crea­sed awar­ness is an ef­fort to make the job sa­fer for wor­kers, who have died at the hands of spee­ding mo­to­rists.

According to SAAQ, spee­ding on Qué­bec roads kills 250 people and in­jures over 11,000 others each year. Fines and pe­nal­ties were in­crea­sed on April 1, 2008.

Ex­ces­sive spee­ding will al­so re­main on a dri­ver's re­cord for 10 years.

The num­ber of deme­rit points a dri­ver will lose when is­sued a spee­ding ti­cket in a construc­tion zone will re­main the same, ho­we­ver.

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