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Our se­ries pro­fi­ling the can­di­dates vying to re­present the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes re­gion conti­nues with a look at two people see­king the­sa­me­fe­de­ral seat.

Can­di­date: Ly­nePel­chat


Close to 70 sup­por­ters came out Sa­tur­day when Li­be­ral can­di­date Lyne Pel­chat of­fi­cial­ly laun­ched her cam­pai­gn at Ca­fé Ma­ri­jade inVau­dreuil-Do­rion.

Mon­day mor­ning, Pel­chat was still ri­ding high fromw­hat she said was a ve­ry po­si­tive event.

"There were people of all ages there, which to me re­pre­sents the de­mo­gra­phics of the re­gion."

Pel­chat out­li­ned the cor­ners­tones of her cam­pai­gn: control on eco­no­mic and agri­cul­tu­ral de­ve­lop­ment in the re­gion, and sup­port for fa­mi­lies, stu­dents and se­niors.

Wat­ching her du­ring the event was her 90year-old fa­ther-in-law, Dr. Re­mi Dé­ca­ry, who lives in Saint La­zare with Pel­chat, her hus­band, Sté­pha­neDé­ca­ry and their 20-year-old daugh­ter Vé­ro­nique. As so­meone "li­ving a mul­ti-ge­ne­ra­tio­nal fa­mi­ly life," Pel­chat says she wants to see pro­grams put in place to help fa­mi­lies pay for edu­ca­tion and which help se­niors li­ving on fixed in­comes.

Her main prio­ri­ty if elec­ted is to "get eve­ryone to talk to each other."

The on­ly way we can achieve any­thing if is the th­ree le­vels of go­vern­ment, mu­ni­ci­pal, pro­vin­cial and fe­de­ral work to­ge­ther... Once elec­ted there is no co­lour, no red, no blue."

When as­ked what she would bring to the table that the other can­di­dates would not, Pel­chat re­plied: "I'm from here, I live here, and I'm in­vol­ved here. By being so in­vol­ved I know what needs to be done, I don't need to be brought up to date."

She says she an­ti­ci­pates an in­ter­es­ting race against "good qua­li­ty can­di­dates."

Her ob­jec­tive is to see the Li­be­ral plat­form laun­ched in the re­gion.

"I want to make sure of what we will bring and how that will be adap­ted to the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes re­gion be­fore going to Ot­ta­wa."

Pel­chat is keen­ly aware of the ri­ding strong agri­cul­tu­ral roots.

"Six­ty-percent of the ri­ding is agri­cul­tu­ral. That's huge. We need towns to grow, but we don't want to be­come another La­val. We want struc­ture and ba­lance."

Ear­ly years and ex­pe­rience

Lyne Pel­chat was born in Sa­la­ber­ry-deVal­ley­field, but mo­ved to Ger­ma­ny as a young child when her mi­li­ta­ry fa­ther was sta­tio­ned there.

She says li­ving in a ru­ral area of Ger­ma­ny un­til the age of 9 hel­ped shape her love and pro­tec­tive ins­tincts to­ward agri­cul­tu­ral regions.

The fa­mi­ly mo­ved back to Que­bec and Pel­chat spent her teen years li­ving in Pin­court. She mo­ved to Saint-La­zare with her hus­band and daugh­ter 16 years ago.

Pel­chat has wor­ked du­ring the past 25 years in the sales mar­ke­ting end of the elec­tro­nics in­dus­try, first for two dif­ferent com­pa­nies, and then she be­came her own boss when she foun­ded her own com­pa­ny in 2002.

"Since I didn't have to tra­vel as much I knew it was a good time to get more in­vol­ved in­my­com­mu­ni­ty," she no­ted.

Pel­chat has been ac­tive with Ré­seau des femmes d'af­faires du Qué­bec in the re­gion, as well as in theWest Is­land and Sa­la­ber­ryde-Val­ley­field.

She's wor­ked with the Vau­dreuilSou­langes Bu­si­ness People's As­so­cia­tion, Re­grou­pe­ment des as­so­cia­tions de gens d'af­faires de Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes, and is the current pre­sident and foun­ding mem­ber of As­so­cia­tion des gens d'ac­tion de Vau­dreuilSou­langes.

Ac­co­lades include being twice na­med the RFAQ Per­son of the Year, and win­ner of the group's ex­cel­lence award for eco­no­mic de­ve­lop­ment.

She wor­ked on the Seven Won­ders of Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes Com­mit­tee, the Ter­ri­to­rial Com­mit­tee on So­cial and Sus­tai­nable De­ve­lop­ment for Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes, the Vir­tual Bu­si­ness Com­mu­ni­ty Com­mit­tee and Mar­chéGour­met.

She was al­so a key or­ga­ni­zing mem­ber of the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes Eco­no­mic Sum­mit.

Pel­chat says she stron­gly be­lieves in the po­wer of wor­king to­ge­ther.

"By our­selves we can al­ways ac­com­plish a lot but when we group to­ge­ther we can do so much more," she said.

Lyne Pel­chat's cam­paing of­fice is lo­ca­ted at 205, route De Lot­bi­niere in Vau­dreuilDo­rion. She can be rea­ched at 514 3732437, at lpel­chat­li­be­ral@gmail.com or on her Fa­ce­book­page.

Can­di­date: MarcBeau­dreau


Marc Bou­dreau's cam­pai­gn got off to a good start last week when he par­ti­ci­pa­ted with Con­ser­va­tive Par­ty Leader Ste­phen Har­per in a ral­ly in Dol­lard-des-Or­meaux. Bou­dreau, along with other Con­ser­va­tive can­di­dates in­clu­ding Hud­son re­sident Lar­ry Smith, run­ning for the Lac-Saint-Louis ri­ding, say the "Montreal team" is rea­dy to re­present the re­gion in Ot­ta­wa.

"I met for a few mi­nutes with Ste­phen Har­per, and he wanted to let me know he wants people from­se­cond big­gest ci­ty in the coun­try to be part of the de­ci­sion pro­cess in Ot­ta­wa," Bou­dreau said, ad­ding, "Mr. Har­per is coun­ting on us... There is a (Con­ser­va­tive) Montreal team in place now that was not there in2008."

Bou­dreau, a lawyer, says his goals for the re­gion would include hel­ping se­niors on fixed in­comes and pro­mo­ting pro­grams kee­ping youths ac­tive and out of trouble.

He is pas­sio­nate about hel­ping vic­tims, so­me­thing that seems to run in the fa­mi­ly.

Bou­dreau's grand­fa­ther, Émile Bou­dreau, was an ar­chi­tect of Que­bec'swor­kers' health and se­cu­ri­ty law­that was adop­ted in 1979.

The el­der Bou­dreau, a li­fe­long union re­pre­sen­ta­tive, was al­so cal­led the fa­ther of health and se­cu­ri­ty for the Fé­dé­ra­tion des tra­vailleurs et des tra­vailleuses du Qué­bec, FTQ. He al­so re­pre­sen­ted me­tal wor­kers and those hurt on the job. "My grand­fa­ther was a great man. I was rai­sed hea­ring about col­lec­tive agree­ments in the union world," he said.

Bou­dreau has al­so wor­ked with Pier­reHugues Bois­ve­nu, a se­na­tor and foun­der of theMur­de­red or Mis­sing Persons' Fa­mi­lies' As­so­cia­tion. "I sup­port anyone who is a vic­tim but the first ob­jec­tive is to have less and less people com­mit­ting crimes."

We need to keep our kids bu­sy in so­me­thing they are pas­sio­nate about so we don't have youth gangs, Bou­dreau said, ad­ding his law de­gee will help him be more ef­fec­tive when­re­pre­se­ting the re­gion in Ot­ta­wa.

Back­ground and goals

Marc Bou­dreau was born in 1996 in Poin­teC­laire, and though he spent a large part of his child­hood with his bro­thers in La­chine, his mo­ther's fa­mi­ly is from L'Île-Per­rot. "This is my roots, I went to Ci­té-des-Jeunes High School, Iwor­ked at McDo­nald's and as a li­fe­guard(here.) Ik­now­this place well," he said.

His­mo­ther­wor­ked in the re­gion as a res­tau­rant wai­tress, while his fa­ther was as a union re­pre­sen­ta­tive.

As a student, Bou­dreau de­mons­tra­ted lea­der­ship skills and a knack for com­mu­ni­ty in­vol­ve­ment, joi­ning the Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes Mai­son des Jeunes, Club Ri­che­lieu, Cirque de l'Es­poir Foun­da­tion, and or­ga­ni­za­tions ai­med at hel­ping youth in need. He was ami­nis­ter of en­vi­ron­ment in the Que­bec Student Par­lia­ment, where he hel­ped pass the Que­becC­har­ter of En­vi­ron­men­tal Rights.

Bou­dreau wor­ked in pe­tro­leum pro­ducts mar­ke­ting be­fore fi­ni­shing law school at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Montreal. He spe­cia­lizes in la­bour law, di­ving his time bet­ween of­fices in Ter­re­bonne andMon­treal.

He has sat as a mem­ber of the ad­mi­nis­tra­tion coun­cil of Ro­se­mont Col­lege, and­was a mem­ber of theMon­treal East-Is­land Cham­ber of Com­merce be­fore joi­ning the Ter­re­bonne Cham­ber of Com­merce and the BNI Af­faires Rive-Nord.

Bou­dreau lives in Ter­re­bonne with his­wife Ka­ren Cox and their two chil­dren, Ch­loé and Jus­tin. His per­so­nal in­te­rests include scu­ba di­ving and a goal to so­me­day climbMount Ki­li­man­ja­ro.

Marc Bou­dreau's cam­pai­gn of­fice is lo­ca­ted at 100, bou­le­vard Har­wood, lo­cal M-5, in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion. The phone num­ber is 450218-3999.


Marc Bou­dreau was bu­sy in the re­gion last week.


Li­be­ral Can­di­date Lyne Pel­chat with her fa­ther-in-law, Dr. Re­mi Dé­ca­ry, hus­band Sté­phane Dé­ca­ry and daugh­ter Vé­ro­nique.

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