Gé­rald-go­din, CIT La Pres­qu'île en­ter shut­tle bus agree­ment

Ser­vice to start in re­gion in Au­gust

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Stu­dents from the Vau­dreuil-sou­langes re­gion at­ten­ding CEGEP Gé­rald-go­din in Sainte-ge­ne­viève will have a new way to get to school be­gin­ning in Au­gust.

The Conseil in­ter­mu­ni­ci­pal de trans­port La Pres­qu'île, the off-is­land's re­gio­nal trans­por­ta­tion bo­dy, si­gned an agree­ment with the French-lan­guage CEGEP to pro­vide what both saw as a ne­ces­sa­ry ser­vice to stu­dents.

CIT La Pres­qu'île serves se­ven Vau­dreuilSou­langes towns in­clu­ding Vau­dreuilDo­rion, Hud­son, Pin­court, L'île-per­rot, Notre-dame-de-l'île-per­rot, Ri­gaud and Saint-la­zare.

Be­gin­ning mid-au­gust to coin­cide with a new CEGEP school year, a mi­ni-bus shut­tle will de­part twice each mor­ning Mon­day through Fri­day from the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion, and will bring stu­dents back to the re­gion du­ring two af­ter­noon de­par­tures from the Sainte-ge­ne­viève cam­pus.

CIT La Pres­qu'île Di­rec­tor Ge­ne­ral Ma­non Cha­rest said shut­tle times will be co­or­di­na­ted with train and school sche­dules.

The shut­tle will start from the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion stop­ping at train sta­tions in Do­rion, Pin­court and L'île-per­rot, be­fore con­ti­nuing on to Gé­rald-go­din.

It was al­so de­ter­mi­ned in a mee­ting last week bet­ween CIT La Pres­qu'île and So­cié­té de trans­port de Mon­tréal of­fi­cials that the bus will make one stop in Poin­teC­laire af­ter lea­ving Gé­rald-go­din.

It will then head back to Vau­dreuil and start the route again.

Cha­rest says the Pointe-claire stop, the lo­ca­tion of which has yet to be de­ter­mi­ned, was ad­ded to bet­ter serve West Is­land com­mu­ters.

"If people in the West Is­land want to work, stu­dy, or shop off-is­land they can," she said.

Rates for the new ser­vice, for people li­ving in zones 1 and 2, will be the same as those for the A40 Ex­press Bus that ope­rates each week­day to and from the Côte-ver­tu me­tro.

A re­gu­lar month­ly pass will cost $114.50 (stu­dents and se­nior ci­ti­zens will re­ceive re­du­ced rates,) while a book of 10 passes will cost $37 at the re­gu­lar rate. A single ride on the new shut­tle bus will cost $6 each way once the ser­vice de­buts, said Cha­rest.

Ser­vice ba­sed on need

Cha­rest says CIT La Pres­qu'île was aware there was need for such a shut­tle to Gé­rald-go­din, but wai­ted for the col­lege to make an of­fi­cial re­quest.

"We knew we had de­mand from our ci­ti­zens but we were wai­ting for them to contact us," she ex­plai­ned.

CEGEP Gé­rald-go­din serves 1,100 stu­dents, ma­ny from the Vau­dreuilSou­langes re­gion.

CIT La Pres­qu'île cur­rent­ly of­fers a si­mi­lar shut­tle bus ser­vice to John Ab­bott Col­lege. It al­so ope­rates the A40 Ex­press shut­tle bus, while of­fe­ring adap­tive trans­por­ta­tion ser­vices to com­mu­ters with spe­cial needs un­der its Trans­port So­leil ban­ner.

Gé­rald-go­din di­rec­tor Ch­ris­tian Roy said the school re­ques­ted the ser­vice ba­sed on feed­back from stu­dents and pa­rents.

The French-lan­guage CEGEP will al­so host an open house next month, on Feb. 1.

New CIT lo­ca­tion

And CIT La Pres­qu'île has a new and lar­ger of­fice lo­ca­tion. The re­gio­nal trans­por­ta­tion bo­dy be­gan ope­ra­ting and ser­ving cus­to­mers last week from a new lo­ca­tion, 4, rue Saint-mi­chel in Vau­dreuilDo­rion, which is across the street from its old lo­ca­tion.

"It's gor­geous," Cha­rest said of the new of­fices, ad­ding, "It's a lot big­ger and ni­cer and the en­tire space is de­di­ca­ted to trans­por­ta­tion ser­vices in the re­gion."

Of­fice hours re­main the same, Mon., Tues., Wed. and Fri. from 9 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Thur. 9 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For in­for­ma­tion, call 450 424-2485, or go to www.cit­la­pres­quile.qc.ca.

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