Île-aux-tourtes Bridge re­pairs sche­du­led for late spring

St. Tho­mas Bridge work be­hind sche­dule

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VSt. Tho­mas­brid­ge­work de­layed

au­dreuil-sou­langes mo­to­rists are going to need a heal­thy dose of pa­tience this spring and sum­mer when re­pairs on the Île-aux-tourtes bridge, that will mean some lane clo­sings, will com­mence. The re­pairs, that are pri­ma­ri­ly ex­pec­ted to be­gin du­ring ear­ly eve­ning hours, are sche­du­led to last from June to Sep­tem­ber, an­noun­ced Trans­ports Qué­bec.

The re­pairs will take place in conjunc­tion with on-going work on the St. Tho­mas Bridge that connects to the Île-aux-tourtes.

The sche­du­led Île-aux-tourtes re­pairs will see wor­kers ins­tall ver­ti­cal rein­for­ce­ments to the six-lane, two-ki­lo­me­ter-long span lo­ca­ted along the sec­tion of High­way 40 that connects Vau­dreuil-do­rion to Senneville.

The bridge is used by more than 85,000 dri­vers each day, ac­cor­ding to the pro­vin­cial tran­spor­ta­tion agen­cy.

Last year, Trans­ports Qué­bec re­lea­sed a 2009 re­port which in­di­ca­ted a to­tal of six gir­ders on the 46-year-old bridge had lost close to 30 percent of their ca­pa­ci­ty.

The la­test an­noun­ce­ment by tran­spor­ta­tion of­fi­cials will mean more road­work hea­daches for dri­vers since the an­noun­ced Île-aux-tourtes bridge work will be done at the same time as on­going work on the con­nec­ting St. Tho­mas bridge, which is being com­ple­te­ly re­built in two phases.

Phase one of the St. Tho­mas bridge work is cur­rent­ly be­hind sche­dule, says Trans­ports Qué­bec. A tem­po­ra­ry bridge for west bound dri­vers that was ex­pec­ted to open in De­cem­ber should be rea­dy so­me­time in the next few weeks.

And while west­bound mo­to­rists will be di­ver­ted to the tem­po­ra­ry bridge once it is ope­ned, east­bound dri­vers will conti­nue to use the exis­ting St. Tho­mas span.

Trans­ports Qué­bec said the on­going ef­fort to com­ple­te­ly re­build the west­bound St. Tho­mas span will not be complete by the pro­jec­ted Au­gust dead­line. And re­buil­ding the east­bound St. Tho­mas span will on­ly get un­der­way once work on the west­bound side is com­ple­ted.

For up­dates and in­for­ma­tion on any high­way pro­jects go to: www.que bec511.gouv.qc.ca/en/.


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