Heb­dos du Su­roît launches web te­le­vi­sion site

Ground­brea­king me­dium a first for region

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More than 250 in­vi­ted guests, di­gni­ta­ries and more at­ten­ded a glit­te­ring eve­ning launch last week of new web te­le­vi­sion sta­tion Vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv.

The ground­brea­king new me­dium that came on­line on March 1 and that will fea­ture se­ve­ral ori­gi­nal web pro­grams fo­cu­sing on the people, places and is­sues spe­ci­fic to the Vau­dreuil-sou­langes region, is the brain­child of Heb­dos du Su­roît Di­rec­tor of Di­gi­tal Mar­ke­ting, Marie-an­drée Pré­vost.

Heb­dos du Su­roît pro­duces the week­ly news­pa­pers Pre­mière Édi­tion and L’étoile.

Du­ring the Feb. 28 launch, held at the site of the for­mer Fu­ture Buil­ding, guests, in­clu­ding ma­ny lo­cal mayors, as well as re­pre­sen­ta­tives for fe­de­ral and pro­vin­cial re­pre­sen­ta­tives, were gi­ven a sneak pre­view of the eight French-lan­guage ori­gi­nal web shows that have or will de­but soon on Vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv.

Web te­le­vi­sion shows are usual­ly short-for­mat, epi­so­dic shows that are de­li­ve­red on­line via broad­band and mo­bile net­works.


Prior to the sneak pre­views, which took place at a cock­tail re­cep­tion, guests were in­vi­ted to at­tend a web te­le­vi­sion se­mi­nar gi­ven by Uni­ver­si­ty of Ot­ta­wa pro­fes­sor Luc Dupont, au­thor of se­ve­ral books on ad­ver­ti­sing in­clu­ding How to Ad­ver­tise ef­fec­ti­ve­ly on the In­ter­net.

His se­mi­nar last week on ef­fec­tive use of web TV was a li­ve­ly, in­for­ma­tive and of­ten­times fun­ny over­view of the evo­lu­tion of web te­le­vi­sion and its ef­fec­ti­ve­ness in rea­ching wi­der au­diences.

Dupont’s de­li­ve­ry, in ra­pid-fire style, of­ten had au­dience mem­bers lau­ghing even as they were in­for­med.

“A wave of change is happening in the world of mar­ke­ting,” Dupont no­ted du­ring the pre­sen­ta­tion, ad­ding, “With web te­le­vi­sion weare at the start of the wave.” No­wis the time to ride it, he stres­sed. Ac­cor­ding to Dupont, 76.3 percent of people re­gu­lar­ly use the in­ter­net. The num­bers jump si­gni­fi­cant­ly to 97 percent when ap­plied to users in the 18 to 24-year-old age bra­cket.

Dupont no­ted that Vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv is de­bu­ting in a time when Youtube, Fa­ce­book and Twit­ter do­mi­nate the so­cial me­dia land­scape.

For Pré­vost, web te­le­vi­sion is sim­ply ano­ther tool with which to reach a wi­der au­dience.

“We are the on­ly me­dium that com­bines re­gio­nal vi­si­bi­li­ty of two week­ly (news­pa-


Vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv de­bu­ted with a line-up of eight French-lan­guage web shows. The re­sults are im­pres­sive, high qua­li­ty shows that are re­le­vant and in­for­ma­tive. They in­clude:

Vi­ta­mine C: A show fo­cu­sing on in­for­ma­tion in the world of health.

1845: It is the year the pa­rish of Vau­dreuil was foun­ded and the show is for­mat­ted in the same spi­rit of dis­co­ve­ry.

Jeunes lea­ders d’ici: As the name sug­gests, the web show will fea­ture youths from the region who are ma­king a po­si­tive dif­fe­rence in the world.

Haut les femmes: A se­ries ho­ning in on the ma­ny to­pics af­fec­ting wo­men in­clu­ding health, style, sexua­li­ty, fa­mi­ly and more.

Pro­ject Grock: A show that has made the big­gest splash of the eight thus far, and which has ge­ne­ra­ted in­ter­est from as far away as Eu­rope. Born from the ima­gi­na­tion of Yan­nick Gos­se­lin, Fes­ti­val de cirque Vau­dreuil-do­rion di­rec­tor, the show cen­ters on Gos­se­lin and host Pa­trick Ri­chard’s jour­ney last fall to Swit­zer­land and Ita­ly pers) and the Web,” she said, ad­ding the use of web te­le­vi­sion will al­low Heb­dos du Su­roît to “di­ver­si­fy our pro­duct of­fe­ring and adapt to lo­cal rea­li­ties.” where they tra­ced the his­to­ry of Grock, the most ce­le­bra­ted clown from the last cen­tu­ry.

La mar­maille en ca­vale: Fea­tures a mo­ther of four who is pas­sio­nate about rai­sing her chil­dren in the region and in­for­ming vie­wers about the best fa­mi­ly places to dis­co­ver.

Les étoiles BMA: Fol­lo­wing two pro­du­cers on a quest to dis­co­ver new mu­si­cal ta­lent.

Shows that de­bu­ted on the Heb­dos du Su­roît web­site last year in­clu­ded Com­plè­te­ment golf, which saw host My­riam De­lisle in­ter­view lo­cal golf ex­perts to come up with golf tips, in­side in­for­ma­tion and more, as well as two sea­sons of Le ra­goût d’pat, a se­ries that fol­lo­wed jour­na­list Pa­trick Ri­chard du­ring his ma­ny ad­ven­tures.

Vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv al­so of­fers sec­tions co­ve­ring news from the region’s 23 mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties, sports from a host of lo­cal teams, edu­ca­tion, culture and com­mu­ni­ty. And the site will fea­ture live shows, as well as vi­deo cap­sules. In ad­di­tion, ci­ti­zens are able to use the site to upload vi­deos that can in­clude fa­vou­rite ou­tings, spor­ting events, fa­mi­ly ga­the­rings or news cap­tu­red on home vi­deos.

To see some of the shows that are cur­rent­ly on-line, or to view clips for se­ries that have yet to de­but go to: www.vau­dreuil-sou­langes.tv.


1-Ma­ny web show hosts met with guests du­ring the ga­la.

2-Vau­dreuilSou­langes.tv is

the brain­child of Marie-an­drée Pré­vost, Heb­dos

du Su­roît Di­rec­tor of Di­gi­tal


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