John Ab­bott student re­ports se­cond se­cu­ri­ty scare

Mas­ked man 'pur­sued' her

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The in­ci­dent that al­le­ged­ly took place at close to 3:30 a.m. on March 16 cau­sed the school to is­sue a new se­cu­ri­ty alert to all stu­dents.

An uni­den­ti­fied fe­male student re­por­ted being pur­sued by a man in his 20s who, she said, was wea­ring a ski mask.

She cal­led Montreal po­lice and la­ter re­por­ted the event to cam­pus se­cu­ri­ty at John Ab­bott.

Deb­bie Cribb, a John Ab­bott com­mu­ni­ca­tions agent, said though the in­ci­dent hap­pe­ned off cam­pus, the CE­GEP wan­ted to err on the side of cau­tion by re­lea­sing a se­cu­ri­ty alert through its on­line com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem.

Ac­cor­ding to Cribb, the young wo­man, who at­tends John Ab­bott, was wal­king off cam­pus while going to a friend’s apart­ment in Sainte-anne-de-bel­le­vue when a mas­ked man be­gan to fol­low her.

"She felt un­safe and un­com­for­table, but there was no ex­change (bet­ween the student and the mas­ked man,) he ne­ver tou­ched her, or spoke to her," Cribb said.

In its no­tice, the school said on-cam­pus se­cu­ri­ty per­son­nel were "on heigh­te­ned alert."

"We stron­gly urge you to use cau­tion if you are out af­ter dark. Please do not walk alone. If you see so­me­thing sus­pi­cious, please call Mcgill Se­cu­ri­ty Ser­vices at 514 398-7777 or, if off cam­pus, Montreal po­lice at 9-1-1," read the no­tice in part.

"We want people to be aware, to be vi­gi­lant and not walk alone at night, Cribb no­ted, ad­ding, stu­dents are al­so as­ked to be aware of those around them, and to help keep an eye out for each other.

A se­cond John Ab­bott Col­lege student re­por­ted an in­ci­dent last Fri­day in which she fea­red for her sa­fe­ty, but this time the event oc­cur­red out­side of the Sainte-anne-de-bel­le­vue cam­pus, clo­ser to town.

At the same time, the school does not want to un­du­ly pa­nic stu­dents or pa­rents.

"No­thing so far in­di­cates this in­ci­dent is connec­ted to the at­tack last month of one of our stu­dents," Cribb said.

And while the En­glish CE­GEP has not made changes to its se­cu­ri­ty ser­vices or pro­ce­dures, it has ve­ri­fied the pro­per wor­king or­der of such things as all in­door and out­door ligh­ting, and clo­sed cir­cuit ca­me­ras throu­ghout the cam­pus.

"We have two cars that pa­trol (the cam­pus) 24 hours a day, se­ven days a week," Cribb no­ted, ad­ding, "Com­pare that to our clo­sest po­lice sta­tion which has two pa­trol cars for five mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties... It real­ly puts things in pers­pec­tive."

At­tack last month

The la­test scare comes fol­lo­wing the on­cam­pus at­tack last month of a John Ab­bott student.

Vi­na Jay­phait, 21, who stu­dies in the gra­phic-de­si­gn pro­gram, was at­ta­cked while wal­king along a well tra­ve­led path lea­ding to a par­king lot at the rear of the cam­pus. The young wo­man was struck on the back of the head with an ob­ject. She al­so broke a fin­ger while figh­ting off her at­ta­cker, who did not at­tempt to rob her. The uni­den­ti­fied man then calm­ly wal­ked away.

Jay­phait suf­fe­red a se­vere head in­ju­ry and had to un­der­go sur­ge­ry on her ring fin­ger. She is re­co­ve­ring, but has not yet been able to re­turn to school. Montreal po­lice have not made any ar­rests in the case.


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John Ab­bott Col­lege re­por­ted a se­cond se­cu­ri­ty scare last week, though this time not on its Sainte

Anne-de-bel­le­vue cam­pus.

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