Town gives fire fa­mi­ly 10 days to clear out of trai­ler

Bas­sen­den vows to 'stay put'

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home for a six-month per­iod of time, Bas­sen­den has ex­cee­ded the time li­mit. The let­ter ad­di­tio­nal­ly no­ted Bas­sen­den has not star­ted 'any re­cons­truc­tion work on your buil­ding.'

'Due to your re­fu­sal to res­pect the re­gu­la­tions, you are sum­mo­ned by the present let­ter of de­mand to pro­ceed to the re­mo­val of the mo­bile home from your pro­per­ty and to the re­mo­val of the foun­da­tion or the concrete slab and to fill up the hole with soil, in a de­lay of 10 days from re­cep­tion of the present let­ter," the let­ter sta­ted.

Fai­lure to com­ply, it no­ted, would re­sult in fur­ther le­gal pro­cee­dings which would be ta­ken against Bas­sen­den at his 'en­tire cost.'

Fai­led ne­go­tia­tions

"I have been negotiating with the Town since Fe­brua­ry to have the de­bris re­mo­ved," Bas­sen­den ex­plai­ned Mon­day. A re­quest he made to see the two quotes the Town re­cei­ved from contrac­tors for the re­mo­val of the de­bris was met with re­fu­sal.

"I just want to see them be­cause there is wrong in­for­ma­tion... The quote is for a house with a foun­da­tion. My house is built on a slab," he said.

The quotes are for a lit­tle more than $11,000.

Saint-la­zare has of­fe­red to pay to have the de­bris re­mo­ved and al­low Bas­sen­den, who is suing the Town and his in­su­rance pro­vi­der, to pay them back wi­thout in­cur­ring any in­ter­est charges.

Ge­ne­viève Ha­mel, Saint-la­zare com­mu­ni­ca­tion di­rec­tor, said the town’s mu­ni­ci­pal coun­cil de­ci­ded to go ahead with the le­gal let­ter when Bas­sen­den re­fu­sed both of­fers to have his pro­per­ty clea­ned up.

"He re­fu­sed the of­fer and brought a coun­ter-of­fer," Ha­mel com­men­ted Mon­day af­ter­noon, ad­ding the Town’s lawyers ad­vi­sed coun­cil to re­fuse the coun­ter pro­po­sal.

Ha­mel says the fa­mi­ly now has 10 days to va­cate the trai­ler and have the de­bris re­mo­ved. If the le­gal condi­tions are not met, the next step would be to "get the courts in­vol­ved."

For his part, Bas­sen­den says he does not un­ders­tand why the Town wants him­self, his wife, Jo­ni Mal­ley, his daugh­ter and grand­daugh­ter to leave the trai­ler.

"We did eve­ry­thing they as­ked us to do to get our li­ving condi­tions up to their re­qui­re­ments and now they’re tel­ling us we have to leave," he said.

The fa­mi­ly, which re­lies on Mal­ley’s in­come alone since Bas­sen­den and his adult daugh­ter do not work, says it has now­here else to go.

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