Ex­treme cheer­lea­ding co­ming to Hud­son

Pi­lot group to per­form at convo­ca­tion

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LA­group of stu­dents at West­wood Sr. High School in Hud­son are rea­dy to bring it onand­de­mons­trate the moves and skills they’ve lear­ned du­ring a six-week ex­treme cheer­lea­ding pi­lot pro­gram.

ey­da Ji­me­nez, di­rec­tor of North Shore Ex­treme Cheer­lea­ding, which is ba­sed in the West Is­land, said she brought the pi­lot group to West­wood be­cause so ma­ny girls from the re­gion see­med to like the idea.

“We had a lot of in­ter­est so we de­ci­ded to give it a try and create a buzz,” she said.

The pi­lot group of less than 10 par­ti­ci­pants will show­case their skills du­ring West­wood’s up­co­ming gra­dua­tion ce­re­mo­ny, ta­king place on June 21.

And though it is not yet clear if the pro­ject will be adop­ted to in­clude a cheer squad at the school next year, Ji­me­nez said that is the goal.

“We bring our coach in­to the school to work with stu­dents, but we al­so have a tea­cher ad­vi­sor as­si­gned to us, so it’s in co­ope­ra­tion with the school,” she ex­plai­ned.

Ji­me­nez’s says her pro­gram is in other schools and she is confi­dent it can al­so be im­ple­men­ted in Hud­son, though such de­tails as cost and if it will be a school af­fi­lia­ted team or an out­side ac­ti­vi­ty of­fe­red at the school, have yet to be wor­ked out.

The West­wood team is a be­gin­ner group, mea­ning par­ti­ci­pants are lear­ning ma­ny of the skills nee­ded.

Com­pe­ti­tive ex­treme chee­ring, which is not about chee­ring for sports teams at all, is a sport in it­self where par­ti­ci­pants learn to exe­cute syn­chro­ni­zed rou­tines for a pa­nel of judges who score the team on se­ve­ral dif­ferent com­po­nents. Rou­tines see mem­bers use skills such acro­ba­tics, dance and tum­bling, as well as cheer mo­tions and stunt ma­neu­vers.

Ji­me­nez says people who do the sport of­ten gain confi­dence and hi­gher self es­teem.


This pho­to, of a com­pe­ti­tive North Shore Ex­treme Cheer­lea­ding team, shows some of the skills stu­dents in a pi­lot group at West­wood Sr. have been lear­ning.

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