Sainte-anne-de-bel­le­vue soon rea­dy for tou­rists

Four year pro­ject nea­ring com­ple­tion

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ASainte-Anne-de-Bel­le­vue’s down­town core may soon re­semble the pic­tu­resque wa­ter­front draw it used to be, and less like the swee­ping de­cons­truc­ted construc­tion zone it has been for the past four years.

huge $13 mil­lion pro­ject that saw the Town re­place the se­wer and wa­ter dis­tri­bu­tion sys­tem un­der a pri­ma­ry down­town tho­rough­fare is sche­du­led for com­ple­tion on June 22, says Martin Bon­homme, Sainte-Anne-de-Bel­le­vue Ge­ne­ral Di­rec­tor.

“There is still some work to be done, but all of the cri­ti­cal work for tou­rists, our out­door mar­ket and the fes­ti­val sea­son will be done by then,” Bon­homme said du­ring a recent in­ter­view.

The four-phase pro­ject that has been on­going for the past four years has cost close to $13 mil­lion to complete.

Phase one in­clu­ded work bet­ween La­londe and Saint-Pierre Streets. Phase two saw work com­ple­ted on Saint-Pierre and Saint-Jean-Baptiste, while phase th­ree concen­tra­ted bet­ween Saint-Jean-Baptiste and du Col­lège. The fi­nal phase in­clu­ded wor­king bet­ween du Col­lège and de l’Église.

The pro­ject in­clu­ded re­pla­cing se­wer, storm wa­ter and po­table wa­ter dis­tri­bu- tion pipes in the tar­ge­ted areas, as well as the bu­rying of ove­rhead cables, land­sca­ping and fi­nal ap­pro­val of all work.

Some trouble spots

At one point, in April, work was sus­pen­ded when conta­mi­na­ted soil from for­mer gas sta­tion was dis­co­ve­red. The conta­mi­na­tion was la­ter found to be ve­ry slight af­ter it was ana­ly­zed, ho­we­ver, and work re­su­med.

No one will ce­le­brate the com­ple­tion of the en­or­mous pro­ject more than Sain­teAnne mer­chants, res­tau­rant ow­ners and those who make a li­ving at­ten­ding a week­ly far­mer’s mar­ket. Ma­ny have seen bu­si­ness slow to a crawl as much of Sain­teAnne Street was dug up. The work meant ac­cess to ma­ny stores and bu­si­nesses was re­du­ced or com­ple­te­ly blo­cked. As a re­sult, some stores re­du­ced their hours or clo­sed down du­ring some of the work.

The Town is now in the fi­nal phase of the in­fra­struc­ture work that al­so in­clu­ded ins­tal­ling un­der­ground te­le­phone lines and elec­tric cables, and re­doing si­de­walks. La­zare Flying Club.

The day is one of the non­pro­fit group’s most po­pu­lar an­nual fun­drai­sers.

Once it is all done, down­town Sain­teAnne-de-Bel­le­vue pro­mises to be a mo­dern and up­da­ted ver­sion of its for­mer splen­dor.

Some more vi­sible up­dates will in­clude a new pu­blic wash­room that will be si­tua­ted near the en­trance to the board­walk, wi­der si­de­walks and more space for pe­des­trians. A few changes mean there will be more room on the board­walk for town events, while a si­de­walk in front of ci­ty hall will fea­ture mar­kers de­li­nea­ting pe­des­trian and street areas. The posts will be re­mo­ved du­ring fes­ti­vals and ce­le­bra­tions.

Mer­chants say that while the Town and construc­tion company have done a good job of kee­ping them up­da­ted du­ring the years of on­going work, they hope the cus­to­mers will come back to the down­town core once all the work is com­ple­ted la­ter this month.

The Town and a mer­chants as­so­cia­tion are ex­pec­ted to host ce­le­bra­tion events la­ter this sum­mer, or in the fall.


The an­nual Fly-In Break­fast was held Sun­day at

Coo­per Avia­tion in Saint-La­zare.


To ac­cess ma­ny stores, cus­to­mers had to use rear en­trances or tra­verse ply­wood walk­ways.


Much of the work

in­vol­ved cut­ting in­to the street to re­place out­da­ted se­wer and wa­ter


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