Ro­bert Gri­mau­do new Saint-la­zare mayor

Ho­li­day, good wea­ther bla­med for low vo­ter tur­nout

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But with such a low vo­ter tur­nout, Car­zo­li feels Gri­mau­do does not have a clear man­date.

“No­bo­dy can say they re­present the town when just 19 percent of vo­ters come out,” he no­ted.

As­ked if he thinks the new mayor will be suc­cess­ful in uni­ting the long-di­vi­ded coun­cil, Car­zo­li was less than op­ti­mis­tic.

“From what I see it’s going to keep going the same way. There will be conti­nued dissent in coun­cil,” he said.

Car­zo­li could not say if he plans to run in the next ge­ne­ral elec­tion.

But Gri­mau­do has at least one vote of confi­dence from po­li­ti­cal ri­val Be­noît Trem­blay, who was plea­sant­ly sur­pri­sed by how ma­ny people vo­ted for him.

“I’m ve­ry hap­py about the re­sults,” he said Mon­day mor­ning, ad­ding, “I think Mr. Gri­mau­do will make a fine mayor. He ran a good cam­pai­gn.”

Trem­blay, who met and spoke with Gri­mau­do at ci­ty hall and cal­led the new mayor “a gent­le­man,” said he thinks Gri­mau­do has what it takes to get the job done.

“I will send him a let­ter to of­fer my co­ope­ra­tion and to congra­tu­late him,” Trem­blay said.

Cam­pai­gning door to door, Trem­blay said he had a sense Gri­mau­do was going to win.

Ma­ny vo­ters, he said, ex­pres­sed “a lot of an­ger and re­sent­ment to­ward Car­zo­li, who he feels did not read vo­ters well when de­ci­ding to again seek the mayor’s seat.

Trem­blay al­so thinks time may be run­ning out for the town coun­cil­lors in the ma­jo­ri­ty - Bri­gitte As­se­lin, Mi­chel Lambert, JeanC­laude Gau­thier and Jean-Pierre Gi­guère.

“They have made a se­rious er­ror of as­ses­sing the people’s mood,” when pu­bli­cly sup­por­ting Car­zo­li, he opi­ned.

And Trem­blay feels so stron­gly that Gri­mau­do can make a dif­fe­rence the he’s rea­dy to run as a coun­cil­lor in his dis­trict as a mem­ber of Gri­mau­do’s team du­ring the next ge­ne­ral elec­tion.

“If he al­rea­dy has so­meone in mind (for the team) that’s fine, I’ll still run and if I win I will sup­port him,” Trem­blay, a lawyer who works for First Na­tion com­mu­ni­ties, said.

Saint-La­zare cal­led a by-elec­tion af­ter mayor Pierre Ka­ry step­ped down in April for health and pro­fes­sio­nal rea­sons. Ka­ry had pu­bli­cly sup­por­ted Gri­mau­do du­ring his cam­pai­gn.


Just un­der 20percent of vo­ters tur­ned out to vote Sun­day in Saint-La­zare’s by-elec­tion.


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