Le Ni­choir $37,000 ri­cher, thanks to na­tio­nal con­test

BC group stages vo­ting coup to take first

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When all was said and done Sun­day, the lit­tle bird re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion centre from Hud­son wal­ked away in se­cond place with $37,249 as its share of a $100,000 en­vi­ron­men­tal grant that had been up for grabs in a na­tion­wide po­pu­la­ri­ty con­test on so­cial me­dia web­site Fa­ce­book.

Though Le Ni­choir held the lead du­ring most of the com­pe­ti­tion its clo­sest com­pe­ti­tor, The Bri­tish Co­lum­bia SPCA Wild ARC sta­ged a last mi­nute vo­ting coup Sun­day af­ter­noon that trans­la­ted to 4,000 new votes in a mat­ter of hours. The BC group won with 38,064 votes to Le Ni­choir’s 36,421. The BC SPCA will take home $38,930 of the grant mo­ney, all of which will be di­vi­ded up bet­ween five en­vi­ron­men­tal groups pro­mo­ting wild­life and wil­der­ness pro­tec­tion across Ca­na­da.

The Ja­mie­son Vi­ta­mins Call for the Wild! con­test that had run from Aug. 13 to Sept. 16 saw vo­ters pick their fa­vou­rite or­ga­ni­za­tion dai­ly by going to the vitamin com­pa­ny’s Fa­ce­book page.

Roun­ding out the top five was third place win­ner The Da­vid Su­zu­ki Foun­da­tion with the 15,300 votes that ear­ned them $15,648, Sal­mon & Trout Res­to­ra­tion of Newfoundland in fourth with 5,226 votes ($5,345) and Na­ture Sas­kat­che­wan in fifth with 2,765 votes ($2,828).

Le Ni­choir Pre­sident Lind­say D’Aoust, a vo­lun­teer with the or­ga­ni­za­tion, says the mo­ney will be used to help fund the buil­ding of a $500,000 year-round re­ha­bi­li­ta­tion and edu­ca­tion fa­ci­li­ty.

“We’ve been ope­ra­ting out of a 175-year- old barn that was built to be used as a barn so at this time of year we’re acu­te­ly aware that it’s not hea­ted,” D’Aoust said with a laugh. D’Aoust says vo­lun­teers have been wor­king ti­re­less­ly for the past few years to raise the funds nee­ded to be­gin cons­truc­tion on the new fa­ci­li­ty. “We are $175,000 short and we’re not bor­ro­wing any mo­ney to do this, so this $37,000 will come in ve­ry han­dy.”

D’Aoust says Le Ni­choir was “or­ders of ma­gni­tude” smal­ler than all of the other or­ga­ni­za­tions fea­tu­red in the con­test. “So ma­ny more people are aware of us now, which is great,” she no­ted. Le Ni­choir re­cei­ved votes in the con­test from as far away as New Zea­land, Ger­ma­ny, Asia, Swit­zer­land, and the U.S. while the ma­jo­ri­ty were from people in the re­gion.

To learn more about Le Ni­choir, go to www.le­ni­choir.org.

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