Of­fi­cial op­po­si­tion role not new for Yvon Mar­coux

Vau­dreuil MNA confi­dent he’ll conti­nue get­ting job done

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Lea­der­ship race

Yvon Mar­coux, the Que­bec Liberal Par­ty MNA for the Vau­dreuil ri­ding, has had ex­pe­rience sit­ting as a mem­ber of the Of­fi­cial Op­po­si­tion and says he will conti­nue to do his job in Que­bec Ci­ty when the Na­tio­nal As­sem­bly convenes next month.

Mar­coux, who was first elec­ted in 1998 as an Of­fi­cial Op­po­si­tion mem­ber, was the cri­tic for mat­ters re­la­ting to the Con­seil du Tré­sor, as well as the cri­tic for in­ter­na­tio­nal re­la­tions du­ring his first term in of­fice. He has been re-elec­ted to his seat four ad­di­tio­nal times and was Mi­nis­ter of Trans­port from 2003 to 2005. He counts that mi­nis­te­rial ex­pe­rience and the role he played in mo­ving the High­way 30 pro­ject for­ward among his ca­reer high­lights.

“I’m proud to say I was Mi­nis­ter of Trans­port when we star­ted the (High­way 30) pro­ject in 2004,” Mar­coux no­ted du­ring a recent interview, ad­ding, “Quite a few people didn’t be­lieve (the pro­ject) would be com­ple­ted. I’m ve­ry proud to see that be­cause of our go­vern­ment the high­way will be com­ple­ted and will be be­ne­fi­cial for our re­gion.”

Yet des­pite all of his ex­pe­rience, the Vau­dreuil MNA says he is not con­si­de­ring thro­wing his name in for consi­de­ra­tion du­ring his par­ty’s up­co­ming lea­der­ship race.

“No, thank you for the confi­dence, but I do not have any thoughts about that,” he said with a laugh.

His thoughts tur­ned se­rious, ho­we­ver, when tal­king about Jean Cha­rest’s recent exit from the par­ty.

“He had made a per­so­nal de­ci­sion and I would like to com­mend him for the way he (step­ped down. He was) like a real sta­tes­man, the speech the night of the vote and al­so the speech when he re­si­gned sho­wed se­re­ni­ty, di­gni­ty, sen­si­bi­li­ty... (it was) ve­ry noble and re­flec­ted the qua­li­ties of a real sta­tes­man. Re­flec­ted the qua­li­ties of the man. I was proud of that,” Mar­coux said.

Mar­coux has known Liberal in­ter­im lea­der Jean-Marc Four­nier since 1998.

“I’ve wor­ked with him and have a great es­teem for him,” he said, ad­ding, “he was a good choice as in­ter­im lea­der. It was una­ni­mous­ly ap­pro­ved in cau­cus which shows our par­ty was to­ge­ther on the de­ci­sion.”

Op­po­si­tion role, hos­pi­tal

And though the Li­be­rals will no lon­ger form the go­vern­ment, the Vau­dreuil MNA is confi­dent he will conti­nue get­ting things done.

“The first role of an MNA is to re­present the ci­ti­zens of his ri­ding. That is the main prio­ri­ty and it is what I’ll conti­nue to do,” Mar­coux stres­sed, ad­ding it is “quite pos­sible” to spea­rhead the crea­tion of im­por­tant pro­jects and files for the re­gion.

And one of the most im­por­tant pro­jects for him­self and Sou­langes MNA Lu­cie Char­le­bois to keep on top of is for­war­ding the buil­ding of the re­gion’s first hos­pi­tal.

“We will conti­nue wor­king at the pro­vin­cial le­vel and with all of the groups in the re­gion to see the pro­ject com­ple­ted,” Mar­coux stres­sed. What he could not pro­mise was if the hos­pi­tal would be com­ple­ted by the 2018 date ear­mar­ked by the Liberal Par­ty. Ne­ver­the­less, he re­mains confi­dent. “There are needs in re­gion... I would be sur­pri­sed if the go­vern­ment doesn’t adopt what is ne­ces­sa­ry. The go­vern­ment is there to ans­wer the needs of the population so I would be sur­pri­sed to see them aban­don the pro­ject.”

Mar­coux says it is im­por­tant for the groups in the re­gion that have been ac­tive in the pro­ject to conti­nue voi­cing their sup­port for the new hos­pi­tal.

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