MP Ni­cholls see­king ri­ding re­dis­tri­bu­tion in­put

Pu­blic hea­rings this month in Sa­la­ber­ry-de-val­ley­field

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An open house hos­ted Mon­day eve­ning in Saint-La­zare by Ja­mie Ni­cholls, the New De­mo­crat MP for Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes, may be over but Ni­cholls says there is still time for consti­tuents to ex­press their opi­nions about a pro­po­sed re­dis­tri­bu­tion of fe­de­ral ri­dings in time for the 2015 ge­ne­ral elec­tion.

And there will be a pu­blic hea­ring on the mat­ter la­ter this month in Sa­la­ber­ryde-Val­ley­field.

Ac­cor­ding to Ni­cholls’ of­fice, the num­ber of ri­dings and their li­mits are re­vi­sed eve­ry 10 years af­ter the census to re­flect mo­ve­ments and population growth. An ini­tial pro­po­sal was laun­ched a few weeks ago by the Elec­to­ral Boun­da­ries Com­mis­sion for Que­bec, an in­de­pendent com­mit­tee.

The com­mis­sion’s role is to exa­mine any de­mo­gra­phic changes since the last re­dis­tri­bu­tion and to pro­pose new elec­to­ral boun­da­ries. The end goal, ac­cor­ding to the com­mis­sion, is to pro­vide a more ba­lan­ced re­pre­sen­ta­tion of people and com­mu­ni­ties in par­lia­ment.

“Sou­langes would ex­tend from Très- Saint-Ré­demp­teur to Dun­dee and in­clude Sa­la­ber­ry-de-Val­ley­field,” the Vau­dreuilSou­langes MP ex­plai­ned, ad­ding, “Vau­dreuil would go from Pointe-For­tune to L’Île-Per­rot, going through Ri­gaud, Saint-La­zare and Vau­dreuil-Do­rion. These are ma­jor changes be­cause the ri­ding boun­da­ries, as we cur­rent­ly know them, will com­ple­te­ly change,” he said.

Ni­cholls stres­sed the im­por­tance of ga­the­ring feed­back from those who will be af­fec­ted by the pos­sible changes, which are not yet fi­nal. He en­cou­ra­ged anyone in­ter­es­ted in lear­ning more to at­tend a pu­blic hea­ring ta­king place at 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 23 at the Val­ley­field Cour­thouse, Room 6, lo­ca­ted at 74, rue Aca­dé­mie in Sa­la­ber­ry-de-Val­ley­field.

“I’d like to hear what my consti­tuents have to say on the pro­po­sed changes and dis­cuss with them,” Ni­cholls no­ted. Any com­ments or ques­tions on the mat­ter can al­so be sent to MP Ja­mie Ni­cholls at ja­­cholls.c1@parl. To learn more about the pro­po­sed changes, go to:­de­cou­pa­ge­fe­de­ral-re­dis­tri­bu­

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