Ri­gaud co­lour fest a hit

Mo­ther Na­ture does not di­sap­point

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It had a damp be­gin­ning but the 15th an­nual Ri­gaud Fes­ti­val of Co­lours en­ded on a high note af­ter th­ree days that in­clu­ded plea­sant­ly cool tem­pe­ra­tures and beau­ti­ful wea­ther af­ter an ini­tial rain­fall the first mor­ning. Crowds of vi­si­tors jam­med th­ree fes­ti­val lo­ca­tions in­clu­ding Parc Char­tierDe Lot­bi­nière, Mont-Ri­gaud ski hill and out­door re­li­gious site, the Sanc­tuaire Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. In ad­di­tion, ma­ny made use of the L’es­ca­pade hi­king trails to tra­vel to the top of Ri­gaud Moun­tain where they were able to take in a panoramic view of the val­ley that was dres­sed to impress in its fall co­lour splen­dor. Meanw­hile, vi­si­tors al­so flo­cked to ride the chair­lift at Mont-Ri­gaud ski hill, or to sample a host of edible goo­dies at Parc Char­tier-De Lot­bi­nière.


Wor­shi­pers took ad­van­tage of the beau­ti­ful wea­ther

Sun­day to at­tend an out­door mass at Sanc­tuaire Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes. It

was the fi­nal wee­kend for the out­door sanctuary that

is now clo­sed for the sea­son.

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