Re­mem­brance Day trip brings home sa­cri­fice for stu­dents

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An an­nual school ou­ting ta­ken each year by Grade 10 stu­dents from West­wood Sr. High School is a way to bring home the rea­li­ties of Re­mem­brance Day to young people. His­to­ry tea­cher Mat­thew Lu­thi said the Hud­son school’s an­nual trip to Ot­ta­wa usual­ly in­cludes at­ten­ding Ca­na­da’s Na­tio­nal Re­mem­brance Day Ce­re­mo­ny at the Na­tio­nal War Me­mo­rial in Ot­ta­wa. The group of Se­con­da­ry 5 stu­dents did not get to do that last Friday, ho­we­ver, since Re­mem­brance Day fell on a wee­kend this year.

Ins­tead, the stu­dents vi­si­ted the Ca­na­dian War Mu­seum, which of­fe­red ex­hi­bits on Ca­na­da’s ear­liest conflicts, the War of 1812, the War in South Afri­ca, World War I and World War II, the Cold War, and much more. The stu­dents al­so at­ten­ded the IMax mo­vie Ro­cky Moun­tain Ex­press at the Ca­na­dian Mu­seum of Ci­vi­li­za­tion. The film brings to life one of the great en­gi­nee­ring feats in his­to­ry, the buil­ding of the Ca­na­dian Pa­ci­fic Rail­way, in 1885.

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