West­wood Sr. student one of two board com­mis­sio­ners

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As­tudent at West­wood Sr. High School in Hud­son was among two stu­dents ap­poin­ted to the The Les­ter B. School Board’s Coun­cil of Com­mis­sio­ners. The board says the move is “a first” in Que­bec.

The stu­dents were ap­poin­ted du­ring a Nov. 26 mee­ting. Their man­date will be to re­present their com­mu­ni­ties as student com­mis­sio­ners.

Grade 11 West­wood student Sa­man­tha Bra­dy, and Da­niel Ga­briel­li, a grade 11 student at Bea­cons­field High, will sit in on all pu­blic mee­tings, said LBPSB chair­per­son Suanne Stein Day.

The stu­dents will be sworn in at the Dec. 17 mee­ting.

Stein Day said the new job will come with a sti­pend for the youths, the va­lue of which will be de­ter­mi­ned at a Dec. 10 exe­cu­tive com­mit­tee mee­ting. The stu­dents’ sti­pend will li­ke­ly be less than those re­cei­ved by other com­mis­sio­ners since the stu­dents will on­ly be at­ten­ding pu­blic mee­tings, Stein Day no­ted.

Ga­briel­li, who is al­so pre­sident of the Cen­tral Stu­dents’ Com­mit­tee (CSC), was au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly cho­sen to fill the first student com­mis­sio­ner slot.

Bra­dy was elec­ted fol­lo­wing a vote by the CSC. Just like parent re­pre­sen­ta­tives, the two student com­mis­sio­ners will not have vo­ting rights at Coun­cil mee­tings, but they will be able to bring their pers­pec­tives to coun­cil.

“My goal is to make the coun­cil aware of what stu­dents at our high schools have to say about to­pics that concern them,” Ga­briel­li, who plans to be­come a tea­cher, said.

Bra­dy, meanw­hile, said she was plea­sed to have been cho­sen by her peers.

“I look for­ward to the next coun­cil mee­ting,” she ad­ded.

The Pear­son board has long been known for its pio­nee­ring ways. The LBPSB was al­so the first board in Que­bec to es­ta­blish a CSC, and the first to in­clude them as full consul­ta­tion part­ners. “What a wise de­ci­sion that tur­ned out to be as the stu­dents ne­ver fail to impress us with their well­con­si­de­red in­put on our po­li­cies,” Stein Day said.

Two pa­rents, Nan Beaton and Do­me­nic Pa­vone, were ad­di­tio­nal­ly sworn in as parent com­mis­sio­ners at last week’s coun­cil mee­ting.


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Sa­man­tha Bra­dy and Da­niel Ga­briel­li will be sworn in la­ter this month as student mem­bers of the Les­ter B. Pear­son’s Coun­cil of Com­mis­sio­ners.

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