High­way 30 open to traf­fic Sa­tur­day

Long awai­ted tho­rough­fare fi­nal­ly ready

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It is consi­de­red the lar­gest in­fra­struc­ture high­way pro­ject to be com­ple­ted in Que­bec in years, the ge­ne­sis of which dates back to the 1960s. And on Sa­tur­day mo­to­rists will be able to hop on­to the new­ly com­ple­ted Au­to­route 30.

The new sec­tions of the high­way will of­fer more than 54 km of four lane high­way dri­ving, or two traf­fic lanes in each di­rec­tion. There will al­so be tolls to pay - $1.50 per car, $1.15 per axel for trucks.

A30 is ex­pec­ted to al­le­viate conges­tion, which in turn will li­mit ve­hicle emis­sions.

In Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, the high­way will link high­ways 20 and 540 from To­ron­to and Ot­ta­wa. It will route traf­fic along the south shore of the St. La­wrence Ri­ver where it will link in­to the exis­ting Au­to­route 30 at Châ­teau­guay. From there it will lead to Que­bec Ci­ty.

At the out­set the $1.5 bil­lion pro­ject was di­vi­ded in­to two sec­tions: a wes­tern sec­tion, and an eas­tern sec­tion. The wes­tern sec­tion, which be­gins in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, was built using a pu­blic-pri­vate part­ner­ship that gave the pri­vate part­ner - consor­tium Nou­velle Au­to­route 30, NA30 - con­trol over de­si­gn and construc­tion. NA30 will al­so be res­pon­sible for the next 35 years for ope­ra­ting, fi­nan­cing and main­tai­ning the high­way that runs from Vau­dreuil-Do­rion to Châ­teau­guay. NA30 will col­lect tolls in or­der to fi­nance the road and pay back the construc­tion money gi­ven to the company by the pro­vince.

The Eas­tern sec­tion pro­ject, meanw­hile, lo­ca­ted south of Can­diac, Del­son and Saint-Constant, was built by the Mi­nis­ter of Transports. The main­te­nance and ope­ra­tion of that sec­tion, as well

Wes­tern sec­tion

as of exis­ting sec­tions run­ning from Châ­teau­guay to Bros­sard, will be en­trus­ted to a pri­vate part­ner for a 30-year per­iod, ac­cor­ding to the MTQ.

The 35 km-long wes­tern stretch of new­ly pa­ved road which will al­so give drivers ea­sy ac­cess to Au­to­route 40, be­gins in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion. Com­mu­ters will link to the new tho­rough­fare from high­way 540. Once on the high­way mo­to­rists will cross the St. La­wrence Ri­ver on an al­most 2 km­long bridge. A se­cond 2.5 km-long bridge was construc­ted to span the Beau­har­nois Canal. The canal bridge boasts a ver­ti­cal clea­rance in ex­cess of 38 me­ters. Fi­nal­ly, the new wes­tern high­way sec­tion will con­nect at the Châ­teau­guay and Mer­cier bor­ders with exis­ting sec­tions of high­way 30. Ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­tion pos­ted on Trans­port Qué­bec’s web­site, both bridges re­pre­sen­ted more than 40-percent of the

to­tal cost of the wes­tern sec­tion pro­ject.

Eas­tern sec­tion

The Eas­tern sec­tion of Au­to­route 30 in­cludes 12.2 km of four-lane di­vi­ded high­way lo­ca­ted south of Can­diac, Del­son, and Saint-Constant. It be­gins in Châ­teau­guay at the exis­ting A30 and ex­tends to the Jean-Le­man in­ter­change in Can­diac. The Eas­tern sec­tion, ho­we­ver, will not be connec­ted to the lo­cal road net­work, mea­ning while the high­way will cross lo­cal roads no in­ter­changes have been built or are plan­ned. Trans­port Qué­bec says the de­ci­sion was made in an ef­fort to li­mit ur­ban sprawl.

The A30 pro­ject dates to the 1960s. In 1968, a bridge con­nec­ting So­rel and Tra­cy ope­ned to traf­fic, while an 11.5 km sec­tion con­nec­ting Bros­sard and Can­diac ope­ned to mo­to­rists. The wes­tern and eas­tern sec­tions were the on­ly two stretches of road left to be com­ple­ted.

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