Vau­dreuil pri­vate Ch­ris­tian school in­crea­sing student places

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Pa­rents and stu­dents at Faith Ch­ris­tian Aca­de­my in Vau­dreuil say the small Vau­dreuil-Do­rion pri­vate school feels like a home. The school that ope­ned its doors in 2003 for a hand­ful of lo­cal fa­mi­lies who wan­ted an al­ter­na­tive to the pu­blic school sys­tem, of­fers an edu­ca­tion for stu­dents at all grade le­vels.

Ori­gi­nal­ly struc­tu­red around the Ac­ce­le­ra­ted Ch­ris­tian Edu­ca­tion mo­del, the school has adap­ted its pro­grams over the years and is now re­co­gni­zed by the Mi­nis­tère de l’Édu­ca­tion, du Loi­sir et du Sport.

Ma­ny pa­rents say the school’s small student po­pu­la­tion -there are a to­tal of 50 stu­dents at­ten­ding FCA - means each student re­ceives plen­ty of one-on-one time from tea­chers.

School prin­ciple Ja­nice Heron feels the small classes al­low stu­dents to bet­ter un­ders­tand the concepts they are stu­dying.

Her­ron says the mo­del works well for those who use it.

“We have been of­fe­ring fa­mi­lies in the area an af­for­dable al­ter­na­tive to pu­blic school for ten years now,” she no­ted, ad­ding “be­cause we do not re­quire an En­glish eli­gi­bi­li­ty cer­ti­fi­cate, Faith is es­pe­cial­ly at­trac­tive for fa­mi­lies who come from out­side of Que­bec.”

And the school re­cent­ly de­ci­ded to ex­pand its student po­pu­la­tion to ac­cept 20 new stu­dents for the 2013-2014 aca­de­mic year.

Her­ron feels the spaces will fill qui­ck­ly with the stea­dy growth in Vau­dreuilDo­rion in recent years.

The school’s cur­ri­cu­lum and code of con­duct are ba­sed on a foun­da­tion of the Ch­ris­tian faith, while the prin­ciples of res­pect, com­pas­sion and ac­coun­ta­bi­li­ty are al­so key com­po­nents for the lear­ning ex­pe­rience.

Vice-prin­ci­pal Gillian Han­son says the school’s unique culture al­lows stu­dents to learn that they must be ac­coun­table f or t heir be­ha­viour a nd a c a de­mic achie­ve­ments. “Stu­dents de­ve­lop their in­di­vi­dual, per­so­nal and mo­ral cha­rac­ter th­rough a pro­gram of men­to­ring, gui­dance and ou­treach as they grow,” he ex­plai­ned.

Parent Ro­bin McP­hee was so im­pres­sed wit h her c hi l d r e n’s e d ucat i o nal ex­pe­rience at Faith that she joi­ned the team as a full-time tea­cher. “I was struck by the qua­li­ty of the edu­ca­tion and the ama­zing at­mos­phere of love, ca­ring and ac­cep­tance in the school. Now, as a full-time tea­cher, I look for­ward to hel­ping the stu­dents grow in their know­ledge, in their com­pas­sion, and in their re­la­tion­ship with God. Co­ming here feels like co­ming home.”

Fa­mi­lies in­ter­es­ted in lear­ning more can at­tend the school’s Open House, ta­king place on Tues­day, Fe­brua­ry 19, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Faith Ch­ris­tian Aca­de­my is lo­ca­ted at 90, bou­le­vard de la Ci­té-des-Jeunes in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion. The school’s web­site is www.fai­th­chris­tia­na­ca­de­ They can be rea­ched at 450 218-2021.

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