Bus ac­ci­dent in­vol­ving stu­dents comes on heels of sa­fe­ty week

‘Cra­zy wea­ther’ be­lie­ved to be cause

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As schools across the pro­vince com­me­mo­rate bus sa­fe­ty week this week and next, the Les­ter B. Pear­son School Board confir­med th­ree stu­dents from West­wood Sr. High School in Hud­son were in­vol­ved in a school bus ac­ci­dent last week in SaintPo­ly­carpe.

The ac­ci­dent that took place on SaintP­hi­lippe St. just be­fore 7 a.m. on Jan. 30 in­vol­ved a mi­ni­bus that slid in­to a ditch as it was ma­king its way to the se­nior cam­pus.

The stu­dents and a bus dri­ver were ta­ken to hos­pi­tal in Sa­la­ber­ry-de-Val­ley­field where one student was trea­ted for a sprai­ned arm. Two other stu­dents and the bus dri­ver were che­cked by me­di­cal staff, who re­por­ted no other in­ju­ries.

Pa­rents of the th­ree stu­dents were im­me­dia­te­ly no­ti­fied by po­lice, as well as by West­wood Sr. prin­ci­pal Shei­la Ho­ney­borne. In ad­di­tion, a se­cond school ad­mi­nis­tra­tor im­me­dia­te­ly left for the hos­pi­tal to check on the stu­dents and speak with their pa­rents.

LBPSB chair­per­son Suanne Stein Day, who said Mon­day the in­ju­red student was back in school, said Sû­re­té du Qué­bec po­lice were cal­led to the scene of the ac­ci­dent. And though the cause of the ac­ci­dent has not been de­ter­mi­ned, she feels last week’s mixed bag of wea­ther condi­tions played a role.

“Gi­ven the cra­zy wea­ther we had last week, I’m gues­sing the bus hit some black ice,” Stein Day said, ad­ding the board has been gi­ven a de­tai­led re­port of the ac­ci­dent.

Stein Day said though the tran­spor­ta­tion com­pa­nies of­ten ad­vise the school board about road condi­tions, in­di­ca­ting if they feel it is un­safe to dis­patch busses to trans­port stu­dents, it is ul­ti­ma­te­ly up to the board to de­cide whe­ther or not to can­cel school be­cause of poor wea­ther condi­tions.

Bus com­pa­nies are not fi­nan­cial­ly pe­na­li­zed if schools are clo­sed due to dangerous dri­ving condi­tions, she ad­ded.

“If they’re re­com­men­da­tion is not to run ba­sed on road condi­tions there is no pe­nal­ty,” she no­ted.

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