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CIT La Presqu’île num­bers en­cou­ra­ging

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MNum­bers up

Ri­der­ship on the re­gion’s pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion ser­vices is up, ac­cor­ding to CIT La Presqu’île, which al­so runs Trans­port So­leil, a tran­spor­ta­tion pro­vi­der for people with men­tal and phy­si­cal di­sa­bi­li­ties.

ore than 55,000 ad­di­tio­nal rides were ta­ken on busses run­ning in se­ven MRC de Vau­dreuil-Soulanges towns ser­vi­ced by CIT La Presqu’île. Ma­non Cha­rest, exe­cu­tive di­rec­tor of CIT La Presqu’île and Trans­port So­leil, said 462,631 mo­ve­ments, or rides, were ta­ken on CIT La Presqu’île busses in 2012, com­pa­red to 407,044 ta­ken in 2011.

CIT La Presqu’île of­fers pu­blic trans­port for five mem­ber towns: Vau­dreuil-Do­rion, Hud­son, Pin­court, L’Île-Per­rot and Notre-Dame-de-l’ÎlePer­rot. Two more towns, Saint-La­zare and Ri­gaud, fall in­to the client ca­te­go­ry. Mem­ber towns, which pay more for the status, have vo­ting rights on all CIT La Presqu’île decisions. Client towns do not, though Cha­rest says they do their best to ac­com­mo­date client towns.

“When they are a client, they pay a cer­tain amount for the bus ser­vice on­ly,” she ex­plai­ned. Both mem­bers and clients re­coup most of what they pay for the ser­vice th­rough ticket re­ve­nue sha­ring.

In ad­di­tion to an ove­rall in­crease, most towns al­so saw ri­der­ship go up in the past year. Ri­der­ship in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion was up in 2012 by 14.31 percent. The num­ber in­cludes rides ta­ken on the A-40 ex­press bus, which of­fers non-stop ser­vice from the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion to the Côte-Ver­tu me­tro sta­tion.

“We al­so ad­ded some ser­vice at night (on A-40) af­ter 7:30 p.m. but we can’t mea­sure the in­crease yet be­cause we on­ly star­ted that in Sep­tem­ber,” Cha­rest no­ted.

The new ser­vice in­cludes th­ree more back and forth runs, with the last bus co­ming in­to the Vau­dreuil sta­tion at 11:30 p.m. The A-40 runs Mon­day th­rough Friday. Ano­ther pu­blic tran­sit ad­di­tion pro­ving ri­ders want to get to and from the is­land of Mon­treal at night is bus # 35, which runs un­til 11:28 p.m. from the Do­rion train sta­tion. Its route in­cludes Pin­court and the is­land of île Per­rot be­fore en­ding in Sainte-Anne-deBel­le­vue, where ri­ders can hook up with Mon­treal’s pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion ser­vices.

More than 6,400 ri­ders have used bus # 35 in its four months in ser­vice.

“We had 2,346 ri­ders in No­vem­ber alone,” Cha­rest said. “We didn’t ex­pect it to go that fast; it’s a big de­mand.”

Saint-La­zare ri­ders have al­so been get­ting on the bus. Cha­rest says ri­der­ship was up 21.76 percent in that town in 2012. The ser­vice pro­vi­der is consi­de­ring ad­ding two lar­ger busses, or a few more mi­ni busses in Saint-La­zare since some are re­gu­lar­ly over ca­pa­ci­ty.

They al­so re­pla­ced th­ree mi­ni busses ser­vi­cing John Ab­bott Col­lege from the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion with one large, low-floor ur­ban bus that can seat up to 75 people while still al­lo­wing room for others to stand. The JAC bus al­so boasts a bi­cycle sto­rage space.

Mi­ni busses can on­ly seat up to 21 ri­ders.

New ser­vice to Gé­rald-Go­din

And a new ar­row in the off-is­land pu­blic tran­spor­ta­tion’s ar­se­nal was the ad­di­tion last month of bus # 91, run­ning from the Vau­dreuil train sta­tion to Pin­court and L’Île-Per­rot be­fore hea­ding for Gé­rald-Go­din, a French CE­GEP lo­ca­ted on Gouin Blvd. in Sain­teGe­ne­viève.

The bus, which has mor­ning and eve­ning runs, makes two ad­di­tio­nal stops in Pointe-Claire be­fore ar­ri­ving at Gé­rald-Go­din. Cha­rest said the West Is­land stops can be be­ne­fi­cial to other ri­ders.

“Since it’s a new ser­vice not eve­ryone knows about it, but this gives stu­dents from our re­gion a way to get to school at Gé­rald-Go­din, and other people a chance to go to work or shop,” Cha­rest no­ted.

Other ri­der­ship in­creases in 2012 in­clu­ded a 10.64 percent in­crease for Pin­court and an 11.47 percent in­crease for L’Île-Per­rot and Notre-Dame-de-l’ÎlePer­rot. Meanw­hile, Hud­son saw a 12.5 percent de­crease, which Cha­rest at­tri­butes to a change in the bus route. CIT La Presqu’Île and Trans­port So­leil are lo­ca­ted at 4, rue Saint-Mi­chel, in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion.

To get a copy of the bus sche­dules or for in­for­ma­tion about ti­ckets and prices, call 450 424-2485. CIT La Presqu’Île’s web­site, www.cit­la­pres­, is cur­rent­ly being up­da­ted to in­clude ma­ny in­te­rac­tive fea­tures. People can al­so email them at in­fo@cit­la­pres­


CIT La Presqu’Île swap­ped out th­ree mi­ni busses for one low-floor ur­ban bus for stu­dents going to John Ab­bott Col­lege.

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