Girls’ Em­po­werment mo­ve­ment still seeking do­na­tions

All nigh­ter de­si­gned to ins­pire bold lea­ders

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Do­na­tions are still nee­ded for a night ai­med at boos­ting the self-es­teem of close to 200 teen girls.

West­wood Sr. High School in Hud­son will host the event Girls Night In next week, but tea­chers Ali We­lik and Kel­ly Tel­lier say they’re still seeking do­na­tions of small gifts such as nail po­lish, hand creams or hair clips, for example, food do­na­tions or even cash that can help co­ver the eve­ning’s costs.

The Feb. 28 event will be open to girls in grades 9, 10 and 11.

Though each par­ti­ci­pant will pay a $45 fee to at­tend the slee­po­ver being held at the school, We­lik says the re­gis­tra­tion funds will be used to pay for a guest spea­ker, work­shops like self-de­fense and Zum­ba classes, as well as buying food and drinks for more than 100 par­ti­ci­pants, who will al­so re­ceive a T-shirt and flip-flops.

The tea­chers have even pur­cha­sed some sup­plies out of their own po­ckets, while other tea­chers have spon­so­red at­ten­dance costs for girls who could other­wise not af­ford to par­ti­ci­pate.

Guest spea­ker Kate Whit­field, of Fear­less­ly Girl, an in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­co­gni­zed lea­der­ship and em­po­werment pro­gram com­mit­ted to ins­pi­ring young wo­men to be au­then­tic and bold lea­ders, will talk to the girls about ha­ving a heal­thy bo­dy image and heal­thy re­la­tion­ships, as well as about on­line sa­fe­ty.

Ano­ther work­shop will deal with hu­man traf­fi­cking, while the school’s Alum­ni Girls Se­mi­nar mem­bers will run a work­shop on bul­lying.

A sta­tion tit­led «Warm Fuz­zies» will give girls the op­por­tu­ni­ty to write ano­ny­mous com­pli­ments to other par­ti­ci­pants. The com­pli­ments will be pla­ced in per­so­na­li­zed bags so that at the end of the eve­ning each girl will go away with a bag of kind words.

“We will al­so be dis­tri­bu­ting lit­tle bags full of plas­tic beads, the idea is to ex­change these friend­ship beads among­st each other to end up with a co­lour­ful friend­ship bra­ce­let at the end of the event,” said a clear­ly en­thu­sias­tic We­lik.

“We are trying to pro­mote an at­mos­phere of friend­ship and com­mu­ni­ty... by pro­vi­ding an eve­ning where they can bond with one ano­ther and de­ve­lop re­la­tion­ships with each other we want to em­po­wer our girls and ins­pire them to be

strong and confi­dent.”

On­going pro­ject

Ma­ny of the young wo­men are part of a lea­der­ship group that has been mee­ting twice a week all year to plan po­si­tive events. Such events in­clu­ded an anti-bul­lying day, a make-up free day, and the on­going Be Kind mo­ve­ment, where stu­dents write po­si­tive mes­sages to each other on pa­per co­ve­red walls. Ne­ga­tive mes­sages left on the pa­per are sim­ply re­mo­ved.

Anyone wan­ting to do­nate pro­ducts, food or more can contact the school, We­lik or Tel­lier. The names and lo­gos of all spon­sors will be show­ca­sed in in­for­ma­tion pa­ckages being dis­tri­bu­ted by the or­ga­ni­zers.

For in­for­ma­tion or to make a do­na­tion, call West­wood Sr. at 514 798-4900.

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