Ear­ly re­gis­tra­tion saves for Saint La­zare Cy­clo-tour

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Those wan­ting to save some mo­ney while par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a re­gio­nal cy­cling event that’s al­ways a hit for all have un­til May 17 to take ad­van­tage of ear­ly re­gis­tra­tion prices for the Saint-La­zare Cy­clo-Tour, a fa­mi­ly-friend­ly, non­com­pe­ti­tive bi­cycle ride through the streets of Saint-La­zare.

Or­ga­ni­zers say ear­ly birds re­gis­te­ring for the ride will save 50 percent off the re­gu­lar price if they re­gis­ter be­fore May 18.

The Cy­clo-Tour will take place Sun­day, June 2, at Bé­dard park in Saint-La­zare. Par­ti­ci­pants can re­gis­ter on­line by going to the Town’s web­site at: www.ville.saintla­zare.qc.ca/en­ligne and cli­cking on the Cy­clo-Tour sec­tion. Re­gis­tra­tion is al­so ac­cep­ted at the Com­mu­ni­ty Centre, 1301, rue du Bois. For more in­for­ma­tion, contact the Com­mu­ni­ty Life and Re­crea­tion de­part­ment at 450 424-8000 ext. 220. bor­ders the Bor­de­lais Bog on one side and is sur­roun­ded by homes in SaintLa­zare’s Sadd­le­brook de­ve­lop­ment on the other. Saint-La­zare mayor Ro­bert Gri­mau­do says people mis­ta­ken­ly thought the Town wan­ted to buy the lake, when the in­ten­tion was al­ways to save the old growth forest sur­roun­ding the lake. The land is cur­rent­ly ow­ned by a lo­cal land de­ve­lo­per who had plan­ned to build more homes in the forest. The Town cur­rent­ly has a re­serve to ex­pro­priate the land. The ex­pro­pria­tion plan in­clu­ded tur­ning the land in­to a na­ture park, much like the Town had done with the bog, which boasts a se­ries of wooden wal­king paths and in­for­ma­tion pla­cards lis­ting ma­ny of the plants, birds and more which can be found in the bog. Both the bog and the Dunes Lake forest are po­pu­lar with wal­kers, pet ow­ners, schools and people who want to en­joy the area’s fo­rests, wal­king trails and san­dy beach.


Saint-La­zare’s town coun­cil was ex­pec­ted to an­nounce the fate of the Dunes Lake forest is­sue last night af­ter more than 900 people si­gned a re­gis­ter against the pur­chase.

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