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Science Fair

Ro­bots at PETES

The end of the school year is fast ap­proa­ching and ele­men­ta­ry schools, high schools and CEGEPs eve­ryw­here are ta­king the time to ho­nour stu­dents that ex­cel­led aca­de­mi­cal­ly, or by vo­lun­tee­ring, or be­co­ming in­vol­ved in school or com­mu­ni­ty humanitarian pro­jects du­ring the year.

While shi­ning a light on young people going out of their way to make a po­si­tive dif­fe­rence is al­ways a nice thing to do, such awards al­so re­co­gnize the ef­forts and pro­jects hel­ping the ne­west ge­ne­ra­tion forge a path in the right di­rec­tion. With that spi­rit in mind, we want to do our part by high­ligh­ting the no­table, as well as some up­co­ming events al­so ai­med at ma­king a po­si­tive dif­fe­rence.

Two Se­con­da­ry II (Grade-8) stu­dents from West­wood Sr. High School, in SaintLa­zare tra­vel­led to Le­th­bridge, Al­ber­ta last week to take part in the 52nd an­nual Ca­na­da-wide Science Fair 2013. Eri­ka MacIn­nis and Oli­via Car­dillo ear­ned the right to com­pete at the na­tio­nal le­vel with their wind­mill pro­ject. To get there, the pair ini­tial­ly fi­ni­shed first in the ju­nior ca­te­go­ry at the science fair re­gio­nals, which were held in Que­bec in March. MacIn­nis and Car­dillo then went on to com­pete at the pro­vin­cial le­vel in Chi­cou­ti­mi, Que. That’s when they, along with 40 other stu­dents from Que­bec, were cho­sen to at­tend the week-long science fair in Al­ber­ta, which fea­tu­red the top 400 science pro­jects by stu­dents from more than 100 re­gio­nal fairs across Ca­na­da.

Meanw­hile, stu­dents at Pierre El­liott Tru­deau Ele­men­ta­ry School will take part in a two day ro­bo­tics tour­na­ment star­ting to­mor­row, when the first day will be hos­ted at the Vau­dreuil-Do­rion school. The two­day tour­na­ment will chal­lenge teams of stu­dents from three dif­ferent schools in the Les­ter-B.-Pear­son School Board’s ter­ri­to­ry to ac­com­plish ro­bo­tics mis­sions using a new millen­nium lear­ning ap­proach. Du­ring the com­pe­ti­tion the teams will use tech­no­lo­gy to ana­lyze in­for­ma­tion, col­la­bo­rate, solve pro­blems, and make de­ci­sions. In ad­di­tion, Brian Ewen­son, an aerospace edu­ca­tor, will speak with the young com­pe­ti­tors while al­so men­to­ring them. PETES prin­ci­pal, Col­leen Gal­ley, says the goal of the tour­na­ment is to high­light the emer­ging tech­no­lo­gies avai­lable to the stu­dents, while al­so pro­vi­ding them with key lear­ning op­por­tu­ni­ties cri­ti­cal to the suc­cess of fu­ture ge­ne­ra­tions.

And pro­ving you’re ne­ver too young to start, kin­der­gar­ten stu­dents from Forest Hill Jr. in Saint-La­zare joi­ned fel­low stu­dents from Beech­wood Ele­men­ta­ry in Pier­re­fonds at St. Ed­mund Ele­men­ta­ry in Bea­cons­field on May 9 for a ro­bo­tics day.

The pint si­zed en­gi­neers were tas­ked with buil­ding ro­bo­tic struc­tures able to move in a gar­den-re­la­ted way – a dog wal­king in the gar­den, a sun in ro­ta­tion, etc.

JAC Student Ser­vice Awards

John Ab­bott Col­lege, meanw­hile, held its Ser­vice Awards re­cep­tion ear­lier this month to ho­nour stu­dents who made a si­gni­fi­cant contri­bu­tion to student life at the Sainte- Anne-de-Bel­le­vue cam­pus. Re­ci­pients had to have been in­vol­ved in ex­tra or co­cur­ri­cu­lar ac­ti­vi­ties by par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a student club or ser­vice or­ga­ni­za­tion, by crea­ting a new pro­ject or event, or by pro­vi­ding a ser­vice to other stu­dents at John Ab­bott. A to­tal of 36 stu­dents were re­co­gni­zed for being in­vol­ved in such pro­grams as the Heal­thy Cam­pus Com­mit­tee, the student news­pa­per, the Out­door Ad­ven­ture Club, the De­bate Club, the Student Employment Centre, the Student Am­bas­sa­dor Pro­gram, and much more.

Bridge to Bu­run­di Concert

And a long term fun­drai­sing pro­ject adop­ted by stu­dents at West­wood Sr. High School in Hud­son that has al­rea­dy fi­nan­ced the buil­ding and ope­ning of a school in Rwo­ga, Bu­run­di, a small coun­try in Cen­tral Afri­ca, will conti­nue next Sa­tur­day with a be­ne­fit concert in Hud­son.

The event: Live Mu­sic and Dance Fes­ti­val Concert in sup­port of The West­wood Bridge to Bu­run­di Pro­ject, will take place at the Ste­phen F. Shaar Com­mu­ni­ty Centre on Sa­tur­day, June 1. Doors will open at 7p.m.

Lo­cal band El Proyec­to Co­lec­ti­vo will turn up the pre-sum­mer heat with their in­fec­tious La­tin reggae mu­sic ins­pi­red by the di­verse cultu­ral and mu­si­cal back­grounds of its mem­bers.

The event will al­so fea­ture the Bu­run­di Drum­mers, a wild­ly ta­len­ted per­cus­sion en­semble from Bu­run­di playing large drums made from trees in­di­ge­nous to their na­tive re­gion. The Bu­run­di Drum­mers per­for­mance, a cultu­ral, rhyth­mic, co­lour­ful treat, is stee­ped in Afri­can tra­di­tions that pay ho­mage to their place in the Bu­run­di’s most im­por­tant so­cial func­tions: births, deaths, co­ro­na­tions, and more.

The event will in­clude ta­pas and re­fresh­ments from the bar.

All pro­ceeds will sup­port The West­wood Bridge to Bu­run­di Pro­ject which has amas­sed more than $80,000 to date. The funds have been used to build three school buil­dings hou­sing one grade le­vel each. A to­tal of 300 stu­dents, about 90 per grade le­vel, at­tend the school. Half of the student po­pu­la­tion is fe­male. Thus far, the West­wood Bridge to Bu­run­di Pro­ject has built, staf­fed and sup­plied one new buil­ding and grade le­vel per year. It has com­mit­ted to conti­nue fun­ding the school, and va­rious off-spin humanitarian ef­forts in the vil­lage, for ano­ther five years.

Ti­ckets for the live be­ne­fit concert, $10 in ad­vance, $12 at the door, can be pur­cha­sed at Que de Bonnes Choses store, and Pure Art store in Hud­son, or by email at­ber­ For more in­for­ma­tion about the Bridge to Bu­run­di pro­ject go to www.bridge-to-bu­run­


Pint-si­zed en­gi­neers from Forest Hill Jr. Ele­men­ta­ry School, and two other West Is­land schools took part in a ro­bo­tics day ear­lier this month.

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