St. Pa­trick Ele­men­ta­ry ex­pan­ding

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St. Pa­trick Ele­men­ta­ry School in Pin­court will be en­lar­ged and im­pro­ved to the tune of $6.46 mil­lion, the edu­ca­tion mi­nis­try and the Les­ter-B.-Pear­son School Board an­noun­ced ear­lier this month.

The school that was built in 19621963, cur­rent­ly serves 332 stu­dents even though its maxi­mum ca­pa­ci­ty is 278 stu­dents. St. Pats, as it’s fond­ly known, was last ex­pan­ded in 1967, when four class­rooms were ad­ded to bring the to­tal to 15 class­rooms.

The ex­pan­sion will in­clude ad­ding a 1,100-square-me­ter wing on­to the exis­ting 2,593 square-me­ter school buil­ding lo­ca­ted along Bay­view and Sham­rock streets in Pin­court.

The ex­pan­sion will add 13 new class­rooms – 12 for ele­men­ta­ry stu­dents and an ad­di­tio­nal kin­der­gar­ten class­room. Once com­ple­ted, the school will be able to serve 528 ele­men­ta­ry stu­dents and 60 kin­der­gar­ten stu­dents.

In ad­di­tion, a 72 square me­ter re­source room able to be di­vi­ded in­to smal­ler spaces will be built, as will a new 122 square me­ter li­bra­ry and three mul­ti use areas. New science rooms are al­so in­clu­ded in the plans.

And since six­ty percent of St. Pats stu­dents cur­rent­ly use day­care ser­vices, the school is plan­ning to be able to ac­com­mo­date up to 350 day­care chil­dren if the trend conti­nues by crea­ting three spe­ci­fic day­care areas.

Though St. Pats schoo­lyard meets the current mi­nis­try re­qui­re­ments of six square-me­ters per student, the schoo­lyard will be equip­ped with sports struc­tures and ac­ti­vi­ties. Construc­tion plans al­so call for the ex­pan­sion of the bus loa­ding zone si­tua­ted along Bay­view St., while staff par­king will be re­lo­ca­ted and en­lar­ged.

The ti­me­line for the 1,100-square me­ter, $6.46 mil­lion pro­ject will de­pend on such things as the call for ten­ders pro­cess, as well as ob­tai­ning ar­chi­tec­tu­ral and en­gi­nee­ring plans, but of­fi­cials at the Les­ter-B.-Pear­son School Board say they hope to ce­le­brate the grand ope­ning of the lar­ger St. Pa­trick school du­ring the 20142015 school year.

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