Still time to catch fi­nal Vil­lage Theatre sum­mer play

A poi­gnant co­me­dy

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The fi­nal show of the Hud­son Vil­lage Theatre’s sum­mer sea­son will wrap Sun­day but there’s still time to catch the tou­ching co­me­dy writ­ten by for­mer Mon­trea­ler Bon­nie Laing.

From her home on the other side of the On­ta­rio bor­der, Laing said she wrote Peg­gy and Grace in 1990 as an ho­mage to her mo­ther.

“It’s a sa­lut to the ge­ne­ra­tion of wo­men who didn’t real­ly have as ma­ny choices in life; They were mar­ried, they stayed home and rai­sed the kids and sup­por­ted wha­te­ver the hus­band wan­ted,” she no­ted, ad­ding, “It’s on­ly af­ter they were wi­do­wed that they could de­cide what they wan­ted to do for them­selves.”

Laing’s two main cha­rac­ters in Peg­gy and Grace were loo­se­ly ba­sed on her mo­ther and aunt, who were “ve­ry dif­ferent but ve­ry close friends.”

The play, a sort of Thel­ma and Louise for the re­ti­re­ment set, fol­lows Peg­gy and Grace as they buy a Win­ne­ba­go with their life sa­vings then set out for an open road ad­ven­ture of a li­fe­time. Things heat up when the girls pick-up a han­dy and none too shab­by loo­king hit­ch­hi­ker who helps them rea­lize they may not be as com- pa­tible as they thought.

Laing, who hopes au­diences laugh and have a good time, ad­mits there are poi­gnant mo­ments in the play.

“I hope people have some sym­pa­thy and em­pa­thy for the ol­der wo­men trying la­ter in life to ful­fill their own dreams,” she said, ad­mit­ting she’s sur­pri­sed her play still speaks to people.

Peg­gy and Grace, di­rec­ted by Hea­ther Mark­graf Lowe, stars Day­time Em­my win­ner Bron­wen Man­tel as Peg­gy, and pro­fes­sio­nal ac­tor Joan­na Noyes as Grace. It will run to­day, to­mor­row, Sa­tur­day and Sun­day at 2 p.m., as well as Thurs­day, Fri­day and Sa­tur­day night at 8 p.m. For ti­ckets or in­for­ma­tion, call 450 458-5361.

Meanw­hile, Laing’s ne­west play, The Cot­tage, will be fea­tu­red in a staged rea­ding as part of The Green­wood Centre For Li­ving His­to­ry’s Sto­ry­fest 2013. The Cot­tage, a play about a French Ca­na­dian and a An­glo­phone couple who meet, mar­ry and di­vorce, will be pre­sen­ted in late Oc­to­ber.

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