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The 2013/2014 school year will get un­der­way this week for ele­men­ta­ry, high school, CE­GEP and uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents across the pro­vince.

And while new school clothes, sup­plies and shoes are of­ten at the fo­re­front of pre­pa­red­ness, ma­ny “ex­perts” stress fo­cu­sing on the more in­tan­gible fac­tors that can make a key dif­fe­rence in a stu­dents’ ove­rall suc­cess in school (re­mem­ber, suc­cess is de­fi­ned not on­ly in achie­ving good grades, but in al­so ma­king a po­si­tive dif­fe­rence in a school com­mu­ni­ty). With that in mind, the Les­ter B. Pear­son School Board sur­veyed ma­ny school ad­mi­nis­tra­tors, tea­chers, pa­rents and stu­dents to com­pile the fol­lo­wing list on ways stu­dents can put their best foots for­ward this year.

For stu­dents:

1- Al­ways be your­self. Ac­cept that you will make mis­takes but that you will al­so learn from them.

2- Don’t miss the first day, and ar­rive on time. This sends a strong mes­sage that you are com­mit­ted to school.

3- Learn to take ef­fec­tive notes. Make notes short and to the point. If you don’t know how to take ef­fec­tive notes ask a pa­rent or tea­cher to help de­ve­lop your own sys­tem.

4- Keep an open-mind. Don’t pre-judge class­mates or tea­chers. Give eve­ryone an equal chance and give your­self time to get to know them.

5- Be or­ga­ni­zed from the start; do as­si­gn­ments right away so they don’t pile up. Keep your lo­cker or­ga­ni­zed. La­bel bin­ders and fol­ders.

6- Choose your friends ca­re­ful­ly; choose people who seem po­si­tive, com­mit­ted to the school com­mu­ni­ty and who are ready to have a good aca­de­mic year.

7- Your friends might not al­ways make the best choices – you do not have to fol­low them.

8- Don’t be shy to ask ques­tions; half of the class is pro­ba­bly won­de­ring the same thing but no­bo­dy wants to speak up. We learn from as­king ques­tions.

9- Be a lea­der. As you get ol­der, look out for the youn­ger kids. Re­mem­ber: you were once in their shoes.

10- Get in­vol­ved in school ac­ti­vi­ties. The more ac­tive you are in school life, the more you’ll get from it. School is the place where you get to try out all sorts of new things – some of them may be­come pas­sions for life.

For pa­rents:

1- Set a bed­time so kids get en­ough sleep. Even high school and col­lege stu­dents need time to rest and re­charge.

2- Give kids stra­te­gies for co­ping with conflicts such as bul­lying and cy­ber­bul­lying, ex: walk away; tell the bul­ly to stop; talk to an adult; stand up for others.

3- Make sure kids are pre­pa­red the night

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