Ste. Anne reaches agree­ment in over­pass sta­le­mate

New exit sla­ted to open by Sep­tem­ber 2014

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TSte. Anne-de-Bel­le­vue and the Mi­nis­tère des Trans­ports du Qué­bec, MTQ, have en­ded a more than 2 year sta­le­mate and will work to­ge­ther to open Exit 41, off High­way 40 West, a year from now.

he town’s coun­cil una­ni­mous­ly vo­ted du­ring a spe­cial Sept. 16 mee­ting to go ahead with a $1.5 mil­lion pro­ject to res­tore the connec­ting link bet­ween High­way 40 West and High­way 20. Be­fore the exit was clo­sed in March 2011, the high­ways had connec­ted in Ste. Anne de Bel­le­vue via Bou­le­vard des An­ciensCom­bat­tants.

The exit was clo­sed af­ter an over­pass was dee­med un­safe.

The town and mi­nis­try have agreed to the construc­tion of a T-sha­ped in­ter­sec­tion which will be built to re­place the cur­rent over­pass, though the cur­rent over­pass will not be de­mo­li­shed im­me­dia­te­ly nor is its de­mo­li­tion ne­ces­sa­ry in or­der to start construc­tion on the new in­ter­sec­tion.

“They are two dif­ferent dos­siers,” Ste. Anne-de-Bel­le­vue mayor Francis De­roo said Mon­day du­ring an in­ter­view.

He said the cost of de­mo­li­shing the old over­pass is not in­clu­ded in the MTQ agree­ment.

He could not say when the old over­pass will be de­mo­li­shed.

Long­term so­lu­tion

De­roo main­tains that the pro­ject of­fers a per­ma­nent, du­rable and long-term so­lu­tion while al­so being fair to tax­payers.

The town is ex­pec­ted to pay $400,000 of the to­tal cost, while the MTQ will pick up the re­main­der, or more than $1.1 mil­lion.

“They’re paying more than 70-percent, so I think that’s fair,” De­roo no­ted, ad­ding that he had two key ob­jec­tives when ne­go­tia­ting the agree­ment: fin­ding a long­term so­lu­tion ra­ther than a short-term “patch-up” job, and fin­ding a so­lu­tion that would be fi­nan­cial­ly just for Ste. Anne re­si­dents.

De­roo has long main­tai­ned that since the exit and over­pass are used by hun­dreds of mo­to­rists each day who are not from Ste. Anne-de-Bel­le­vue, it would not be un­fair to pass the cost of reo­pe­ning the exit on­to re­si­dents alone.

The town will go to ten­der for dra­wings and spe­ci­fi­ca­tions wi­thin the coming weeks and should award a construc­tion contract next March or April. Construc­tion on the T-sha­ped in­ter­sec­tion is sche­du­led to be­gin in June, while the exit is sla­ted to reo­pen in Sep­tem­ber 2014.

De­roo, who is not see­king re-elec­tion in No­vem­ber, says as so­meone who was born and rai­sed in the wa­ter­front town, he had a ves­ted in­ter­est in ma­king sure the road sta­le­mate was en­ded with a fi­nan­cial­ly sound but long­term so­lu­tion.


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