L’Au­berge des Gal­lant rises from ashes in style

Inn un­veils Phoe­nix boar­droom

L'Etoile - - IN OTHER WORDS -

Mem­bers of the Gal­lant fa­mi­ly ga­the­red last week at L’Au­berge des Gal­lant to un­veil a sleek and mo­dern new boar­droom that has apt­ly been na­med the Phoe­nix, as well as to out­line a to­tal $7.5 mil­lion re­buil­ding and ex­pan­sion pro­ject that will see three new mee­ting rooms and 18 ups­cale guest ho­tel rooms ad­ded.

The new rooms will bring the to­tal guest ac­com­mo­da­tions from 24 to 42 high-end rooms.

Pas­cal Bérubé, Que­bec’s tou­rism mi­nis­ter res­pon­sible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent re­gion was al­so on hand for the Oct. 3 event in or­der to re­present a $1 mil­lion re­payable go­vern­ment loan that the ex­pan­sion pro­ject was awar­ded.

The pro­ject was al­so fi­nan­ced with a $1.75 mil­lion Caisse Des­jar­dins Vau­dreuilSou­langes in­vest­ment, and ano­ther $1.75 mil­lion from the Bu­si­ness De­ve­lop­ment Bank of Ca­na­da.

The Gal­lant fa­mi­ly says that the re­buil­ding and ex­pan­sion pro­ject will not on­ly al­low them to ac­com­mo­date more guests, but will see the num­ber of em­ployees wor­king at the inn go from 40 to 80 wi­thin the next three

A well-lo­ved up-scale Ste. Marthe ho­tel has li­te­ral­ly ri­sen from the ashes to not on­ly re­build what was, but to im­prove and ex­pand what will be.


And in a bid to give back to the com­mu­ni­ty that sup­por­ted her, Lin­da Gal­lant, who owns the inn with her hus­band, said she bought lo­cal goods or used lo­cal la­bour as much as pos­sible during the re­no­va­tion that is al­so using en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly and us­tai­nable ma­te­rials.

All of the ex­pan­sion work is ex­pec­ted to be com­plete in De­cem­ber, while ma­ny parts of the inn re­main open to the pu­blic.


The char­ming, ups­cale inn and res­tau­rant that had gai­ned an in­ter­na­tio­nal re­pu­ta­tion for its gas­tro­no­mic foods, ex­ten­sive wines, luxu­ry rooms, spa ser­vices and more, was all but ra­zed by an April 17, 2012 fire that cau­sed more than $1 mil­lion in da­mages.

An em­ployee first no­ti­ced the blaze that was bat­tled by more than one hun­dred fi­re­figh­ters from 12 towns. Some 20 cus­to­mers were eva­cua­ted, though no one was hurt.

L’Au­berge des Gal­lant was foun­ded in 1972 ini­tial­ly as a ca­te­ring bu­si­ness. It soon trans­for­med in­to an inn that has re­cei­ved nu­me­rous tou­rism awards over the years.


L’Au­berge des Gal­lant ow­ner Lin­da Gal­lant and Pas­cal Bérubé, Que­bec’s tou­rism mi­nis­ter res­pon­sible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent re­gion hel­ped inau­gu­rate the Phoe­nix room Thurs­day.

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