Bin­go event hel­ping pre­gnant moms eat well

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An an­nual bin­go event ta­king place on April 24 will help en­sure that ex­pec­tant mo­thers in dif­fi­cult eco­no­mic si­tua­tions can get the ba­lan­ced nu­tri­tion they and their ba­bies need.

The Cercle de Fer­mières Les Co­teaux will host the 6:00 p.m. game night, and will even pro­vide trans­por­ta­tion to and from the Les Co­teaux Com­mu­ni­ty Centre to Bin­go Pres­qu’île in Vau­dreuilDo­rion.

Pro­ceeds from those ti­ckets ($25 for bin­go and trans­por­ta­tion) pur­cha­sed di­rect­ly from the Cercle de Fer­mières will help the group help Fon­da­tion OLO. Fon­da­tion Bé­bé OLO (oeuf, lait, jus d’orange) is a non-pro­fit group that has been hel­ping pre­gnant mo­thers-to-be since 1991. A $350 do­na­tion will pro­vide an ex­pec­tant mo­ther with eggs, milk, orange juice, vi­ta­mins and mi­ne­rals for ap­proxi­ma­te­ly 1000 days. The time frame in­cludes pre­gnan­cy plus the ba­by’s first and se­cond years of life.

To pur­chase ti­ckets to the bin­go event, contact Lin­da Le­beau at 450 267-0419.

To learn more about Fon­da­tion Bé­bé OLO, go to:

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