Saint-La­zare fi­re­figh­ters re­co­gni­zed

Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral me­dals awar­ded

L'Etoile - - IN OTHER WORDS -

Se­ven Saint-La­zare fi­re­figh­ters were awar­ded Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral of Ca­na­da Dis­tin­gui­shed Ser­vice me­dals during a spe­cial ce­re­mo­ny that was held last Fri­day night.

The eve­ning that al­so re­co­gni­zed the fire de­part­ment’s 30th an­ni­ver­sa­ry, was at­ten­ded by close to 100 people in­clu­ding Vau­dreuil-Sou­langes MP Ja­mie Ni­cholls, Sou­langes MNA Lu­cie Char­le­bois, Saint-La­zare Mayor Ro­bert Gri­mau­do, Di­rec­tor Ge­ne­ral Serge Trem­blay and Da­niel Boyer, Di­rec­tor of the town’s Fire Sa­fe­ty and Pu­blic Se­cu­ri­ty de­part­ment.

Boyer ad­di­tio­nal­ly re­cei­ved a Dis­tin­gui­shed Ser­vice me­dal for 30 years of ser­vice to the town.

Six me­dals re­co­gni­zing 20 years of ser­vice that were gi­ven Fri­day in Go­ver­nor Ge­ne­ral David Johns­ton’s name, were pre­sen­ted by Ni­cholls and Char­le­bois to fi­re­figh­ters Alain De­guire, Jean Gou­dreau, Pa­trick Le­febvre, Alain Letarte, Pierre Ran­ger and Mar­tin Tan­guay.

The lau­rels ho­nour men and wo­men who have de­vo­ted long, outs­tan­ding ser­vice to pu­blic sa­fe­ty.


When than­king his team, Boyer re­cal­led the highs and lows during his years on the job.

“We have come a long way, when I think of our first pum­per in 1967 and first tan­ker in 1974,” he re­cal­led, ad­ding, “We wor­ked mi­racles out of no­thing.”

For his part, Gri­mau­do said fire figh­ting was not a job but a vo­ca­tion.

The mayor al­so said that af­ter 30 years, the fi­re­figh­ters de­ser­ved “a real sta­tion ra­ther than ope­ra­ting space in a ga­rage.”

A sad mo­ment was in­tro­du­ced when the 1984 death of fi­re­figh­ter Charles Goulet, 35, was re­mem­be­red. Goulet died af­ter figh­ting a barn fire and be­co­ming ill af­ter lea­ving the scene. He was gi­ven a ci­vic fu­ne­ral.

The first Saint-La­zare fire de­part­ment consis­ted of 25 vo­lun­teer fi­re­figh­ters. It ser­ved a po­pu­la­tion of 4,500 people, and re­spon­ded to 40 calls a year.

Cur­rent­ly some 20,000 people call the town home, while the fire de­part­ment re­sponds to more than 450 fire calls and 600 me­di­cal emer­gen­cies a year. For­ty­three fi­re­figh­ters and first re­spon­ders serve the town.

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