Spee­ding cra­ck­down un­der­way

Fines dou­bled in construc­tion zones

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Po­lice forces across Que­bec have joi­ned to­ge­ther as of this week to ini­tiate a cra­ck­down on road spee­ding that will last un­til next month.

From April 14 to May 11 the ef­fort that will see an in­crea­sed po­lice pre­sence on roads and high­ways will bring to­ge­ther Sû­re­té du Qué­bec of­fi­cers, the Mon­treal Po­lice De­part­ment, the As­so­cia­tion of Chiefs of Po­lice of Que­bec and the So­cié­té de l’as­su­rance au­to­mo­bile du Qué­bec.

The aim will be cat­ching lead foo­ted drivers, es­pe­cial­ly those who do not obey road construc­tion areas which re­quire drivers to re­duce speeds to the li­mits pos­ted on tem­po­ra­ry orange signs.

Past years

Ac­cor­ding to SQ num­bers, po­lice across the pro­vince is­sued near­ly 620,000 spee­ding re­la­ted ti­ckets in 2012. Among those more than 6,800 ti­ckets for ex­ces­sive spee­ding were han­ded out, while 13,800 in­frac­tions were com­mit­ted in construc­tion zones where spee­ding fines are dou­bled.

And while the cra­ck­down that be­gan this week will fo­cus on spee­ding, po­lice say they will conti­nue to is­sue ti­ckets for any other vio­la­tions of the High­way Sa­fe­ty Code.

Ac­cor­ding to the in­vol­ved agen­cies, speed re­la­ted ac­ci­dents are the lea­ding cause of dri­ving fa­ta­li­ties while the risk of being in­vol­ved in a deadly car crash in­creases ex­po­nen­tial­ly when ve­hicles are going too fast.

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