Louis-Charles Roy green ligh­ted for next fe­de­ral race

For­mer MNA as­sis­tant bla­zing new trail

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Louis-Charles Roy will be the of­fi­cial can­di­date for the Li­be­ral Par­ty of Ca­na­da in the new­ly drawn Sou­langes-Vau­dreuil ri­ding during the next fe­de­ral elec­tion.

oy an­noun­ced last week that he had ob­tai­ned the green light from the par­ty af­ter going through a tho­rough vet­ting pro­cess, saying he is “plea­sed” with the go-ahead, Roy cal­led the mo­ment “an im­por­tant step in my cam­pai­gn.”

He says he and his team have been present in the re­gion and are al­rea­dy hard at work get­ting more people to join the Li­be­ral Par­ty of Ca­na­da.

“We are re­cei­ving a ve­ry en­thu­sias­tic res­ponse,” he said of his ef­forts.

Roy, who works in com­mu­ni­ca­tions for a crown cor­po­ra­tion, has po­li­ti­cal ex­pe­rience at both the lo­cal and na­tio­nal le­vel. He was a po­li­ti­cal as­sis­tant to Sou­langes MNA Lu­cie Char­le­bois, and in 2009 spent a year as a Spe­cial Ad­vi­sor to the lea­der of the Li­be­ral Par­ty. He ad­di­tio­nal­ly hea­ded a Que­bec fun­drai­sing cam­pai­gn for Jus­tin Tru­deau’s lea­der­ship team.

Roy says he en­cou­rages all re­si­dents from the re­gion who want to know more about him, or share their ideas, to vi­sit his web­site at www.lcroy.ca. He can al­so be contac­ted by email at: in­fo@lcroy.ca.


Louis-Charles Roy, pho­to­gra­phed with Li­be­ral Par­ty Lea­der Jus­tin Tru­deau, got the go-ahead last week from the Li­be­ral Par­ty of Ca­na­da to be­come the can­di­date in the new­ly drawn Sou­langes-Vau­dreuil ri­ding.

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