Ex­plo­rer bird lec­ture to­night

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Jean Lé­veillé, a doc­tor by pro­fes­sion who is al­so a pho­to­gra­pher, ob­ser­ver, tra­ve­ler and au­thor, will present a lec­ture about ex­plo­rer birds to­night at 7 p.m. at the Pin­court Om­ni-Centre, lo­ca­ted at 375, boue­le­vard Car­di­nal-Lé­ger.

Lé­veillé, who’s vi­si­ted more than 105 coun­tries where he has ob­ser­ved and ta­ken close to 80,000 pho­to­graphs of birds and their be­ha­viors, will dis­cuss ex­plo­rer birds and their ex­cep­tio­nal abi­li­ties to tra­vel count­less miles in or­der to he­rald the ar­ri­val of a new sea­son. Those at­ten­ding the lec­ture will al­so learn about the se­cret des­ti­na­tions of some bird spe­cies which Lé­veillé, who along with his wife has seen first hand when he has fol­lo­wed cer­tain spe­cies on their way to the Galá­pa­gos Is­lands, along the Silk Route, bet­ween Asia and Eu­rope, and the In­cense Route, bet­ween Egypt and In­dia.

Lé­veillé has writ­ten se­ve­ral books about birds for the Édi­tions de l’Homme in­clu­ding: Les oi­seaux et l’amour (2003), Les oi­seaux gour­mands (2005), and Drôles d’oi­seaux (2007). In March 2009, he pu­bli­shed his fourth book, Les oi­seaux ex­plo­ra­teurs, with a preface that was writ­ten by as­tro­naut Ju­lie Payette. The book is the ins­pi­ra­tion for the May 28 con­fe­rence. To re­serve a spot at the free con­fe­rence, contact the li­bra­ry staff at 514 425-1104, ext. 6244. To learn more about Jean Lé­veillé, vi­sit his web­site at www.jean­le­veille.org.

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