Music Fest wraps on high note

Clo­sing show ce­le­brates Rol­ling Stones

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TA ca­pa­ci­ty crowd got more than a lit­tle sa­tis­fac­tion Sa­tur­day night when the 8th an­nual Hudson Music Fes­ti­val wrap­ped its most suc­cess­ful run with a concert hea­ded by Ca­na­dian Rol­ling Stones tri­bute band, the Blu­shing Brides.

he event, held on a beau­ti­ful sum­mer eve­ning un­der a full moon at the wa­ter­front Jack Lay­ton park, soon be­came a dance par­ty when lead sin­ger and Mick Jag­ger look alike Mau­rice Ray­mond be­gan pul­ling people on­to a dance area set up in front of the stage. The crowd was in fine form as the band, which al­so does im­pres­sive co­vers of the music of Bob Dy­lan, David Bo­wie, Bruce Spring­teen and more, se­gued in­to song af­ter song un­der the Haw­kes­bu­ry Ford Tent. The Blu­shing Brides band al­so in­clu­ded James Green, voice and lead gui­tar, Paul Mar­tin, gui­tar, Matt Green­berg, bass, and drum­mer Alexan­der Tu­katsch.

The eve­ning be­gan with a word from Hudson Music Fes­ti­val trea­su­rer Scott La­wrence, who said this year’s fes­ti­val was the most suc­cess­ful ever. Saying he had un­suc­cess­ful­ly tried in pre­vious years to book The Blu­shing Brides, whose lead sin­ger hails from Mon­treal, HMF ar­tis­tic di­rec­tor Blair Ma­ckay ack­now­led­ged they might have “pea­ked too ear­ly” if they had fea­tu­red the group any ear­lier. Ma­ckay said he and the band have be­come good friends.

The Blu­shing Brides have been tou­ring the U.S. and Ca­na­da for more than three de­cades. Or­ga­ni­zers say they are al­rea­dy in the works in plan­ning next year’s music fes­ti­val. And the HMF conti­nued an ex­change with a si­mi­lar music fes­ti­val that was held last wee­kend in the town of Hudson, in New York State. Some HMF ar­tists were hos­ted during the wee­kend fes­ti­val in what or­ga­ni­zers cal­led an “ex­ci­ting col­la­bo­ra­tion that brings an in­ter­na­tio­nal flair to HMF.”


Ca­na­dian Rol­ling Stones co­ver band, The Blu­shing Brides, ro­cked a ca­pa­ci­ty crowd Sa­tur­day night when the Hudson Music Fes­ti­val wrap­ped its most suc­cess­ful run to date.

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