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It was a full house Sa­tur­day when the Green­wood Centre for Li­ving His­to­ry hos­ted its an­nual Trea­sures in the At­tic ap­prai­sal event, which is a ma­jor fun­drai­ser for the mu­seum that re­lies hea­vi­ly on do­na­tions.

Hud­son re­sident Mur­ray Tay­lor said he was ve­ry plea­sed to learn not on­ly the mo­ni­to­ry va­lue of the 30-so­me­thing pieces he me­ti­cu­lous­ly wrap­ped in news­pa­per and car­ted in a reu­sable gro­ce­ry bag to be ap­prai­sed by Ro­ber­to Menard, an ex­pert in toys, no­vel­ty items and col­lec­tibles, but al­so their his­to­ri­cal va­lue. Tay­lor in­he­ri­ted the items from his pa­rents in­clu­ding Dres­den chi­na fi­gu­rines, a bible da­ting to the ear­ly 1900s and a clock that was pur­por­ted­ly gi­ven to his grand­fa­ther on his mo­ther’s side by Ed­ward J. Smith, the cap­tain of the Ti­ta­nic. “Fa­mi­ly his­to­ry has it that the clock was gi­ven to my grand­fa­ther in 1906 for his ser­vice in the Boys Bri­gade by the man who went on to be­come the cap­tain of the Ti­ta­nic,” an af­fable Tay­lor said while sit­ting in the St. James Church hall, where the event was held. If he had had pa­per­work pro­ving the clock’s pro­ve­nance (which he did not,) it would be worth quite a bit of mo­ney, Men­dard la­ter said. Ad­mit­ting he’d ne­ver sell any of the items any­way, Tay­lor said he was just happy to learn the sto­ries be­hind them which he dee­med more wor­thw­hile. Joanne Dor­cas, a Green­wood vo­lun­teer who has gi­ven her time du­ring the event for the past five years said it’s fun to see what people bring in to be ap­prai­sed and to watch their reac­tions when lear­ning a che­ri­shed heir­loom may be va­luable as well. “It’s a great event, there’s so much his­to­ry here and the ex­perts are real­ly know­led­gable,” she no­ted. One ex­pert that was ve­ry bu­sy du­ring the day was Hud­son re­sident Mau­reen De­celles, a gold buyer and cer­ti­fied ge­mo­lo­gist. More than 25 vi­si­tors had gold and gems eva­lua­ted by De­celles, with ma­ny sel­ling their old je­wel­ry for on-the-spot cash. De­celles said a large part of her bu­si­ness in­volves sit­ting down with clients over a glass of wine and eva­lua­ting their je­wel­ry col­lec­tions. “People of­ten don’t know what they have, or what it’s worth. I al­so help them re­pur­pose old je­wel­ry in­to new pieces that they can wear and en­joy ra­ther than ha­ving them sit in a je­wel­ry box,” she ex­plai­ned. The ex­perts, some of whom are fea­tu­red on PBS’s An­tiques Road­show, do­nate their time to Green­wood. A no­mi­nal fee that is char­ged for each ap­prai­sal goes to help the Hud­son home co­ver its run­ning costs.


Trea­sures in the At­tic was well at­ten­ded Sa­tur­day when it was held at St. James Church in Hud­son.

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