Mis­sing dog sto­ry ends well

Ow­ner cre­dits so­cial me­dia

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Cyn­thia De Sanc­tis didn’t waste any time ta­king to so­cial me­dia Sa­tur­day af­ter her dog went mis­sing from a car that had been par­ked at a Ri­gaud gas sta­tion.

The Vau­dreuil-Do­rion wo­man says her be­lo­ved dog, Mis­sy, a mi­nia­ture poo­dle, was in her mo­ther’s car one mo­ment and gone the next.

“My mo­ther was ba­by­sit­ting my dog and had her in the car when she stop­ped for gas,” De Sanc­tis said Mon­day. “She said there were a lot of people in line when she went in to pay and when she came back the dog was gone,” the pet ow­ner re­cal­led. Be­lie­ving the dog had been sto­len from the ve­hicle, De Sanc­tis says her mom cal­led po­lice who la­ter ans­we­red the call and took a des­crip­tion of the pet.

“We’ve been hea­ring sto­ries about this hap­pe­ning a lot, pets being sto­len from cars. We heard about a few more cases like ours in­clu­ding one in Hud­son,” De Sanc­tis said.

As qui­ck­ly as she could, De Sanc­tis pos­ted a plea on her Fa­ce­book page tel­ling people her “pre­cious dog Mis­sy” had been sto­len. She in­clu­ded a pic­ture and as­ked people to “share” the post, or re­post it on their own pages, as of­ten as pos­sible.

She says the mes­sage was re-pos­ted more than 600 times, with ma­ny ta­king the time to of­fer words of sup­port,

en­cou­ra­ge­ment, ad­vice and com­fort.

Good Sa­ma­ri­tan

Meanw­hile, a wo­man from the area na­med Pen­ny pos­ted a sto­ry on Fa­ce­book about a lit­tle dog she and her hus­band had found Sa­tur­day night on an exit off Highway 30 in Vau­dreuil-Do­rion. ‘She is all of 6 lbs. and looks well ta­ken care of but no col­lar and tags,’ Pen­ny wrote. Des­pite ow­ning four big dogs that she didn’t want to leave with the ‘sweet lit­tle thing,’ Pen­ny kept the fluf­fy white dog over­night then went out Sun­day to re­turn to the area where the dog had been found. Stop­ping at se­ve­ral gas sta­tions along the way, Pen­ny fi­nal­ly left the lit­tle lost dog at a no-kill shel­ter on Har­wood Blvd.

The worlds of so­cial me­dia came to­ge­ther no more than 24-hours af­ter Mis­sy went mis­sing when people be­gan aler­ting De Sanc­tis to Pen­ny’s sto­ry, which had been re-pos­ted on her page.

De Sanc­tis says she went to the shel­ter Mon­day mor­ning and dis­co­ve­red that the lit­tle white dog Pen­ny had found was in­deed her be­lo­ved Mis­sy and the two were reu­ni­ted.

“She was so happy to see me she was sha­king all over,” De Sanc­tis said Mon­day af­ter­noon.

De Sanc­tis says she’s been in touch with po­lice, who tell her they will re­view se­cu­ri­ty ca­me­ras at the Ri­guad gas sta­tion to see if so­meone went in­to her mo­ther’s car in or­der to grab Mis­sy. In the mean­time, De Sanc­tis warns other pet ow­ners to not leave their ani­mals alone in a ve­hicle.

“It’s just not worth it,” she said. When as­ked what mes­sage she would like to give to the hun­dreds of people who sha­red her sto­ry on Fa­ce­book, De Sanc­tis said: “There’s no way I would have found my dog if it wasn’t for eve­ryone. It’s a mi­racle! I still be­lieve people are good and this is the proof.” She al­so says she has got­ten Mis­sy and tag and a col­lar and that she won’t be lea­ving her alone in a car any­time soon.


Mis­sy, a 6 lb. white mi­nia­ture poo­dle went mis­sing Sa­tur­day from a car that had been par­ked at a Ri­gaud gas sta­tion. She was reu­ni­ted with her ow­ner on Mon­day.

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