John Ab­bott over­pass work un­der­way


Com­mu­ters to John Ab­bott Col­lege, Mac­do­nald High School and McGill Uni­ver­si­ty’s Mac­do­nald cam­pus in Sainte-Anne-deBel­le­vue will have to pack a lit­tle pa­tience in­to their mor­ning rou­tine, while al­so ad­ding ex­tra time for the drive.

A cam­pus over­pass span­ning High­way —TRANSPORTATION

20 was re­du­ced to one lane last week with the start of a ma­jor re­pair pro­ject. Construc­tion be­gan on Nov. 7.

Quebec’s Mi­nis­try of Trans­port ad­vi­sed that the first phase of work will run un­til Dec. 23. A se­cond phase will get un­der­way in the spring. Use of both lanes will be res­to­red bet­ween the two phases. And while au­to­mo­bile traf­fic on the over­pass has been re­du­ced to one lane, pe­des­trian and cy­clist traf­fic has been pro­hi­bi­ted en­ti­re­ly. Meanw­hile, on­ly drivers tra­ve­ling in the mor­ning in the sou­th­bound di­rec­tion (to­ward the cam­pus) will be able to use the bridge, which will convert to a one-way pas­sage Mon­day through Fri­day, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Nor­th­bound traf­fic will be de­tou­red through lo­cal roads to High­ways 20 and 40.


Construc­tion on an over­pass span­ning High­way 20 and lea­ding to John Ab­bott Col­lege be­gan last week. One lane on­ly is open to traf­fic. Work will conti­nue un­til Dec. 23, and will re­sume in the spring.

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