Boil wa­ter ad­vi­so­ry is­sued for Les Cèdres


Les Cèdres re­si­dents are —MUNICIPALITY being as­ked to boil their wa­ter be­fore consu­ming it af­ter a pro­blem with the amount of chlo­rine in the town’s wa­ter sup­ply was re­por­ted Sun­day. An in­cor­rect chlo­rine do­sage was ad­ded to the mu­ni­ci­pal wa­ter on Nov. 27, the same day the ad­vi­so­ry was is­sued. Re­si­dents were ad­vi­sed to boil all tap wa­ter used for consump­tion for a full mi­nute as a pre­ven­tive mea­sure. Town of­fi­cials plan­ned to re­pro­gram the do­sing equip­ment.

In the mean­time, wa­ter that had been boi­led for a full mi­nute should be used when co­oking, pre­pa­ring ba­by bot­tles, ma­king pre­pa­red be­ve­rages or ice cubes, wa­shing foods nor­mal­ly ea­ten raw, or for hy­giene pur­poses such as bru­shing teeth. When ba­thing young chil­dren, en­sure that they don’t swal­low any bath wa­ter. The town plan­ned to is­sue a new no­tice when the qua­li­ty of the wa­ter had im­pro­ved. For more in­for­ma­tion call 450 452-4651 ext. 39.

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